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Long County Sheriff's blotter for Dec. 5
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Nov. 15
Criminal trespass/pedestrian DUI, Route 3, Glennville

A woman called the Long County Sheriff’s office to report there was a drunk Mexican man hanging around some trailers. When deputies arrived, the woman said the man kept walking into the woods and then walking out with a white paper bag. She told the deputies the last time she saw him lay down under a tree near one of the trailers. Deputies found the man walking along the highway and, after testing positive for alcohol, he was arrested. The woman is pressing charges for criminal trespass.

Nov. 15
Disorderly or indecent conduct, Country Lane MHP, Ludowici

A county bus driver informed deputies that while she was unloading students at the Country Lane bus stop, a man approached the bus door to ask her about a student who rides on the bus. She said the man did not identify himself by name but said he was the uncle of a Long County High School student. Although he was asked to step away from the bus he continued to argue with the driver and blocked the students from getting off the bus. When he finally moved away, he got into a car and drove the car within six-feet of the passenger side of the bus. The driver told deputies he suddenly stepped on the gas, spinning his wheels and pulled away at an excessive speed. All of the disruption was recorded on the bus’ videotape, which was reviewed by the deputies.

Nov. 21
Dangerous drug/elder abuse
William Smith Road, Ludowici

Sheriff’s deputies and representatives of the Long County Department of Family and Children Service Adult Protection Services are investigating a report of an elderly woman who may be neglected and abused by family members. A doctor from Liberty Regional Medical Center reported he believes family members were illegally taking the woman’s pain medication from her and selling them. The doctor cited a recent visit the woman had to the emergency room and the manner in which the family behaved during her stay. The family also refused to get the woman when she was released and had to be driven home by hospital personnel. When they arrived at her home, the doctor reported the family was acting as if her return was a nuisance.

Nov. 21
Mental patient
Route 1, Ludowici

Deputies responded to a report of a man who was cutting himself with a razor. Deputies found the man inside his residence holding the razor to his throat, threatening to cut his jugular vein. Deputies saw what they assumed were several self-inflicted cuts on his chest, upper arms and throat. They also noticed he was extremely intoxicated. Eventually deputies found the opportunity to apprehend the man and took him to the hospital so they could sober him up and take him to a mental hospital.

Nov. 22
Harassing calls
Route 3, Ludowici

A woman told deputies her ex-boyfriend was calling him or is having other people call her on her cell phone, leaving messages she considered harassing. Deputies later met with the ex-boyfriend who said it was the woman who was sending inappropriate text messages and calling him. The matter was closed.

Nov. 24
Simple battery
Rural Route 3, Ludowici

A woman described an altercation that took place when she came home and confronted her husband about a drink he left on the counter. She told deputies he became irate when she poured the drink out. She said he started to pull the handles off the cabinets and later pushed and shoved her.
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