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Lowe's, HPD spead safety
Rover the safety hound stands outside the Great Safety Adventure on March 3 at the Hinesville Lowe’s. - photo by Photo by Daisy Pleasant Jones
Lowe’s partnered with the Hinesville Police Department and the Home Safety Council to bring the Great Safety Adventure to Hinesville to educate people about potential safety hazards in the home. Roughly the size of a small house, a nearly 1,000 square foot animated home unfolded from a semi tractor truck to create a replica of a regular home.
During the 25-minute adventure safety rangers led families through the home while children were challenged to point out safety hazards. Parents got involved to correct the hazards and instruct their children in safety. The adventure concentrates on five safety risk areas including slips and falls, poisonings, fires, choking and drowning.
In the end children and their parents became safety rangers as they joined with Rover, the home safety hound.
The Home Safety Council said unintentional injuries at home result in an average of nearly 20,000 deaths and 21,000,000 medical visits each year.
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