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MACE seizes $60,000 worth of drugs
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The Multi-Agency Crack Enforcement Drug Task Force opened a total of 78 cases with 69 offenders for September.  Drugs with a street value of $59,825 were confiscated as well as $6,969 in U. S. currency and one car valued at $1,000. Mace seized three weapons for the month.
Among the charges for the month are: possession of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, sale of marijuana, sale of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a park, sale of marijuana within 1,000 feet of public housing, delivery of marijuana, possession of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, criminal attempt to sell cocaine, trafficking of cocaine, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, sale of a controlled substance, possession of MDMA, possession with intent to distribute MDMA,  possession with intent ot distribute MDMA within 1,000 of a school, delivery of MDMA, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, tools of crime, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, possession of items with altered IDs, possession
of drug related objects, solicitation of prostitu-tion, pandering, probation violation, use of communication facility, open container, kidnapping, simple battery and cruelty to children.
MACE seized four cocaine rocks, 48 grams of cocaine powder, 4.9 grams of crack cocaine, 5.34 ounces of marijuana, 13 marijuana plants, 14 Lorcet pills, 20 Xanax pills, 19 MDMA pills, 5.3 grams of crushed MDMA, 5 Vicoden pills, 17 drug related objects and 213.6 grams of an unknown powder.
MACE agents also attended a shotgun skills course

MACE Blotters

Sept. 26

MACE agents arrested a man in Long County they had been looking for since Sept. 16. He reportedly was found in possession of roughly 5.3 grams of crushed MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy. They reported he also had 12.2 grams of suspected marijuana, a sawed-off shotgun with the serial numbers scratched off, a half gram of powdered cocaine, half gram of crack and 11 MDMA pills. He and his roommate were charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of a firearm during a crime, possession of a firearm with altered ID and tools of the crime. MACE Commander Al Cato said another person at the residence was charged with possession of a controlled substance, tools of the crime and possession of marijuana.

Sept. 27

MACE agents con-
ducted another sting at
the newly named Econo Lodge Hotel in Hinesville where eight people were charged with crimes ranging from pandering to solicitation of prostitution, possession of cocaine and criminal attempt to sell cocaine.
According to Cato, five are active soldiers who were turned over to the CID at Fort Stewart. They were charged with pandering.

Sept.  30

A group of hunters at the Altamaha Hunting club notified MACE they found what they thought were marijuana plants while hunting. Cato said his agents found 13 suspected marijuana plants roughly 7-10 feet tall. Cato said no one has come forward to claim the plants. Under the federal guidelines those plants could have yielded $58,000 worth of street product.

Oct. 7

MACE Drug Task Force was called by the Liberty County Sheriff’s department around 1 p.m. Tuesday when they stopped a vehicle heading north on I-95 and found what appeared to be 5.5 pounds of marijuana inside the car. According to MACE commander Al Cato, three men were in the vehicle reportedly driving from Florida to New Jersey.
“They were packaged
in half pound bags,” Cato said of the confiscated drugs. Arrested were Arie Dumit, 23, Hector Agudelo, 26, and Pedro Clasen, 21, all of Jersey City.  They are at Liberty jail pending a bond hearing. The initial traffic stop was due to the driver weaving across the road.

Oct. 7
MACE conducted a scheduled and routine search at 9 a.m. at Liberty County High School and arrested a young man when they reportedly found he had a small quantity of what appeared to be marijuana in his car parked on school grounds. He was charged with misdemeanor possession. They also reported a young woman was taken to the administrationís office for having prescription pills on her person without the schoolís knowledge. ìThey were her prescriptions,î Cato said. ìBut the administration is supposed to be aware when a student has the prescription, what they are for and how often the student should be taking them.î  Cato said MACE was assisted by Chatham Countyís and Long Countyís canine unit and school resource officer Deputy Donald Moody during the search.
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