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More arrests at local hotels as MACE sweeps the area
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After a string of arrests, some related to prostitution, during a March 28 raid at the San's Inn hotel, the Multi Agency Crack Enforcement Drug Task Force Commander Al Cato said surrounding hotels are cooperating to clean up their businesses.
Three weeks after that first sting, the MACE agents went back to work, this time at the Knight's Inn.
On April 17, agents received a call from patrons of the Knight's Inn complaining about suspicious activity in room 151. The agents reportedly contacted the people in the room. The investigation, which started around 9:30 p.m. that evening and ended the next morning around 5 a.m., led to the arrest of several people and a trip to Long County.
Charles Roberts, Evan Gaines, Nicholas Quinones, Gregory Browning were arrested and charged with pandering. Quinones and Browning are allegedly soldiers.
Derrick Ivory was arrested for misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Deshane Jefferson was charged for misdemeanor possession of marijuana, possession tools of the crime and possession of controlled substances as he allegedly had 66 pills in his possession.
MACE reported several other alleged soldiers were arrested in the sting. Among them was Gary Nations, who was charged with possession of marijuana, Dustin Clemmons, who was reportedly arrested for sale of marijuana, and Vu Hoang, who was charged with criminal attempt to purchase MDMA, Ectasy pills.
As a result of the sting and arrests the agents were allegedly supplied the name of a person who was providing some of the drugs. The investigation led the agents into Long County and the Teal Mobile Home Park. There the agents reportedly questioned Robert Lee Jones in the parking lot. After their discussion and investigation, Jones was reportedly charged with possession of cocaine and tampering with evidence when he allegedly swallowed what the agents believed to be cocaine to keep it away from them. He was booked and taken to the hospital to have his system flushed. Later he was taken to jail. His bond was reportedly denied.
While the agents worked room 151 there was another reported incident in room 148 where the agents arrested Barbara Carter for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and a reported probation violation out of Richmond County.
Taking a reprieve from the hotels, agents responded, on April 23, to a report of suspected marijuana plants growing in a field in the area of Holmestown Road.
Agents said they received a call from a person walking in the wooded area when he spotted the suspected plants. Agents report they pulled up 26 marijuana plants. According to federal street estimates the suspected marijuana plants would have netted $117,000 on the street. The landowner is not a suspect. Agents say anyone could have planted the plants, as the area is accessible to anyone.
On April 24, agents received a call from a local physician's office reporting they suspected an intern was filling prescriptions illegally.
The representative allegedly told agents they received a call from the pharmacy saying the intern was trying to fill a perscription for 40 Oxycodone and 90 Zanax.
The office then verified there were two prescription forms missing and notified MACE. Rebecca L. Damon, 19 was arrested. She faces two counts of forgery, prescription fraud, and theft by taking.
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