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Officers respond to possible mental health situations

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Welfare check: An officer was called May 28 by a woman who said she felt the federal government was tapping her cell phone. The officer believed her either to be under the influence of something or suffering from “a mental crisis.” After a conversation, “she seemed to be better and the call was terminated.”

The officer got a call the next day from a detective at the sheriff’s department who “told me that he had received a similar call and reached a similar conclusion.”

On May 31, the officer got another call from the woman, who “told me that there were people hiding in her attic refusing to come out and one of them had tased her. She said police had previously come to her house but she wanted me to come.”

So, the officer and a detective went out to her house and the woman used her cell phone flashlight “to illuminate a corner of her ceiling and began to direct a girl to come out of the ceiling like they had agreed she would do.”

The officer noted there wasn’t a girl and “she told me that she was so worried about the people in her attic she hadn’t slept in four days.”

The officer talked to the woman about going to the hospital to get checked out, and “she told me that if I would check her attic and verify no one was there she would go to the hospital with me. I looked in her attic but she refused to go to the hospital still and insisted that there was a boy and girl in her attic and if she left the house they would steal from her.”

The woman’s brother then came home and told the officer he thought she was having a nervous breakdown. He requested an ambulance take his sister to the hospital, but she said she wouldn’t cooperate and promised to go to sleep.

Before that, “referring to the people she thought was in her attic, that when we left and they came down it was going to get ugly. She then went into her room and closed the door.”

The brother told the officer he wasn’t worried about his safety. He also thought if his sister got some sleep she’d be better.

Mental health evaluation: An officer was sent May 31 to an address where a woman was “frantically walking around in the area … (and had) stated multiple times she had something in her throat and could not get it out.”

EMS showed up and checked her out, and she chose to get a ride to Liberty Regional. “While on scene there was no sign (the woman) had any items struck in her throat,” the officer reported, noting that the complainant said the woman “woke him up stating she had something in her throat and attempted to stick a ‘Gerber tool’ down her throat to get it out” and that’s when he called 911.

The man said the woman takes medication, though he wasn’t certain what type.

Theft: A Darsey Road man reported May 26 someone stole his satellite dish. The man said “approximately a day ago his girlfriend told him during a phone conversation the TV in his residence was not working. (He) said he discovered today before he called 911 his Direct TV satellite dish was missing. He showed me a 4-foot pole mounted in the ground behind his building …. (He) said the dish was mounted on top of the pole. The dish cable was laying on the ground next to the pole. It appeared to have been unscrewed from the dish.”

The man said he talked to a property manager and a Direct TV rep and “they both told him they did not remove the dish.”

Simple battery: Police were sent May 30 to Woodridge Mobile Home Park regarding a report of a domestic dispute.

The victim wouldn’t talk, but the suspect said she was drunk and they’d argued because she tells everyone their personal problems.

“(He) stated that during the dispute he tossed a kitten to (her) and due to her intoxication she could not catch it. The kitten instead hit her in the face. The kitten was observed and was not injured in the incident.”

The suspect said he was going to leave and stay with his mother, and police gave him a ride. But before they left, the woman came back and said the man had thrown the kitten at her but it was unharmed. She claimed as she was leaving in a friend’s car her boyfriend ran up, reached inside the car and “slapped her in the mouth,” the report said. A friend called 911 for the girl.

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