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Possession of cocaine, driving on suspended license
Liberty County Sheriffs Office blotters

Feb. 11Speeding, reckless driving, fleeing or attempting to elude, driving without a valid license, possession of marijuana, failing to obey stop sign — An 18-year-old Midway man was stopped on Limerick Road after failing to stop at stop sign. He did not stop when the deputy turned on his lights and siren and was driving 55 mph in a 25 mph speed zone. The man lost control of his vehicle and nearly wrecked twice while trying to flee. When his Toyota Corolla skidded to a stop near Woods Drive, the deputy stopped in front of his vehicle so he couldn’t flee again. While searching the vehicle for weapons, another deputy found a bag filled with a green, leafy substance. The man was arrested.

Feb. 12
Possession of marijuana, less than 1 ounce; Possession of tools for commission of a crime — A 33-year-old man from Candler, North Carolina, was arrested at the Quality Inn after a motel clerk reported that an odor like marijuana was coming from the door of a guest room. She said when she tried to contact the man, he told her to go away and that he was trying to sleep. A search of the room found a hand-rolled marijuana cigarette and a set of scales.

Feb. 15
DUI, improper backing, knowingly driving on suspended license — A 45-year-old Allenhurst man was arrested after a deputy responded to a call about a vehicle in a pond in front of the man’s mobile home. He told the deputy he was backing out of his lot when the vehicle went in the pond. The deputy noted a strong smell of alcohol, and the man was unsteady on his feet. Results of a test for alcohol were positive.
The man also had a suspended license.

Feb. 17
Possession of cocaine, driving on suspended license, obstructing a law officer, no license tag — A 35-year-old Walthourville woman was stopped after a deputy noticed the vehicle she was driving had suspended license plates. After stopping her, he noticed a white, chunky substance fall from her shirt sleeve as she seemed to be trying to walk away. The substance was determined to be cocaine. As she was being arrested, the deputy learned her driver’s license was suspended.

Unlawful conduct during 911 call, terroristic threats — A 911 dispatcher received several calls from an unknown man telling her he had placed a bomb in her car and she had 10 seconds prior to detonation. With assistance from the Hinesville Police Department, the number was traced to a Walthourville man.
Further investigation found the phone used to make the calls belonged to the man’s juvenile son.

Feb. 23
Armed robbery — A 67-year-old Midway woman told deputies she arrived home around 2 a.m. and was stopped in front of her house by two men. One pointed a silver handgun at her and told her to give him everything she had. He then shoved her to the ground and searched her pockets and shirt. The other man pointed a rifle at her. She pleaded with them not to kill her, and they ran off and got in what she said was a Buick.
She was reluctant to call LCSO because she didn’t want to start anything, but her family convinced her to file charges against the men whom she described as best she could.

Feb. 24
Fleeing or attempting to elude, Driving with suspended license, failure to obey stop sign, weaving over roadway, too fast for conditions, passing in no passing zone, window-tint violation — A 25-year-old Hinesville man was stopped on Highway 196 near County Line Road, but he took off as the deputy approached his Chevy truck. The deputy pursued. The man was observed weaving on the road and passing in a no passing zone. He lost control and ran into a ditch. He acted as though he would flee on foot, so the deputy drew his handgun and ordered him to stop. When another deputy arrived, the suspect was handcuffed.

Feb. 28
DUI, endangering a child by DUI, weaving on roadway — A 29-year-old Fort Stewart soldier was stopped after a request by HPD to look for his red Dodge Ram and check on the welfare of a 6-year-old child in the truck. The driver was suspected of being intoxicated. The truck was stopped on Highway 196 near Airport Road. The driver tested positive for DUI.

Dog attack — Deputies responded to a call by a Midway man that his neighbor’s three dogs attacked his cat around 9:30 a.m. The cat, which ran under the house after the attack, apparently died from wounds sustained during the attack. The dogs’ owner was ordered to quarantine her dogs for 10 days.

March 1
Obstructing a law officer, driving with suspended license, weaving over roadway, windshield violation, child restraint not properly used — A 28-year-old Hinesville woman was stopped on Highway 196 near Hollywood Boulevard after a deputy observed her crossing over the fog lines. He found two children, ages 1 and 2, in the back seat without child-restraint seats. He also noticed a large crack in her windshield.
Another deputy soon was assisting. He said the woman gave the wrong name when she identified herself. She was using her sister’s name because she knew her license had been suspended last year for a DUI.

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