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Sheriff's blotter for March 22
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March 8: Domestic disturbance — Deputies were dispatched to the parking lot of Connections Church on Patriots Trail in reference to a domestic disturbance. A man said he witnessed a couple pull into the church’s parking lot and start yelling and tossing items out of the car. The man said the couple soon left the lot, but he decided to report the incident because he was concerned about the woman’s safety.
• Matter of record — A deputy was dispatched to Rye Patch Road to respond to a call of an air bag deployment on a vehicle. The deputy instead found a confused driver who reported his air bag deployed for no apparent reason, injuring his left arm. The deputy found no explanation or outside physical damage to the car, which would explain the air bag deploying.

March 9
• Computer trespass — An online solitaire game went awry when a virus attacked a woman’s computer inside her E.B. Cooper Highway home. The woman was in the middle of her game when a screen message popped up saying she was in violation of copyright infringements. Her computer locked up. The woman said the message reported it came from the FBI Cyber Crime Division and said she would have to pay $300 to have her computer unlocked. The woman took a picture of the screen and captured the IP address and gave that information to deputies.

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