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Surveillance shows person entering through drive-thru window
Hinesville PD blotters for Feb. 23

Jan. 5
Burglary — A complainant came to the Hinesville Police Department to report a burglary at his Brantley Drive residence. He said that he returned home from work to find his Playstation 3 missing.
He said that he is not sure whether he left his front door unlocked, and that he did not see any signs of forced entry.

Jan. 7
Burglary — A man reported his Kelly Drive residence had been robbed. He said that he came home from work to find his bedroom window open and several items missing. He said a TV, several clothing items, two tablets and $250 cash were missing from his room. He said his roommate’s TV and cable box also were missing from a bedroom.

Jan. 8
Vehicle theft — A woman reported her white Ford F-150 as stolen. She said she had parked it in front of the Family Dollar on Highway 196 and went inside Food Lion. She said that while she was shopping, she went back to the truck to get something, and accidentally left the keys in the truck when she returned to the store. Once she finished shopping, she returned to the parking lot to find the truck missing. An officer who was en route to the scene received a call from dispatch saying a white F-150 had been found on fire in Long County. It later was verified to be the same vehicle that was stolen.

Jan. 9
Entering auto — A woman said she was undergoing her chemotherapy treatment on Veterans Parkway when someone stole her handicap placard from inside her vehicle. She said she had forgotten to lock the vehicle, and that the handicap placard was the only item taken.

Armed robbery — Officers responded to a report of armed robbery at a Kelly Drive residence.
The complainant told police that he had let two men whom he didn’t know into his residence to get something from his roommate. He said that once they were in the residence, one of the men pulled a gun and told him to get on the ground. He said the two men took roughly $400 in cash and a Samsung tablet. He said the two men then ran from his residence to a nearby food mart and got into a silver truck, which they then drove to Eagles Landing subdivision.
Although the complainant did not know the suspects’ names, he was able to provide descriptions and a phone number to police.

Burglary — HPD responded to a reported burglary at an Ashton Drive residence. The complainant said he came home to find his thermostat set to 90 degrees and his Internet cable cut. He also found bleach thrown on some of his clothing, which was worth an estimated $1,100. He suspected it was a woman he had been “talking to” who also had a key to his residence. He said he went to her residence to confront her about the incident and get his key back, but she refused to open the door and told him she had thrown the key out of her car window and didn’t know where it was.

Jan. 12
Burglary, forced entry — HPD responded to a reported burglary at Wing Stop on Gen. Screven Way. The manager stated that everything was in order and the safe was secured when she left the night before. An employee informed her that upon her arrival that morning, the drive-thru window had been broken and a door was partially open. The manager said she opened the safe and found roughly $5,500 missing from several bank-deposit bags.
Surveillance footage showed a person entering through the drive-through window at 1:10 a.m. and leaving through the kitchen at 1:12.

Burglary — A complainant said the golf-cart building at Cherokee Rose Country Club had been burglarized. The complainant said universal golf-cart keys had been stolen, along with a Nikon range finder, from his cart. He said the other carts had been ransacked as well.

Armed robbery — Officers responded to Pizza Hut on Gen. Screven Way to investigate a report of armed robbery. One complainant who works for Pizza Hut stated he had parked to the right of the building when the suspect came from the area of the tattoo shop and pointed a gun at him. He said the suspect demanded he empty his pockets and took an iPod, cell phone and $60 cash before running to two other individuals and pointing the gun at them. The other complainants said the suspect demanded the same of them, but one complainant didn’t have anything in her pockets so the suspect went through her purse. She said he didn’t take anything. The other complainant said the suspect took $5 from her purse before running toward the Super Pawn.

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