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Theft reports include city water, private trees

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Dec. 1
• Burglary/forced entry — Officers responded to Super Pawn on Gen. Screven Way after a back-room motion alarm was activated. Officers found an air-conditioning unit had been ripped from the wall, leaving a hole through which the business could be entered. Inside the opening, officers found an Xbox One controller, an iPod and a computer-charging cable.
• Theft by taking/criminal trespass — A man said he was driving down Kelly Drive when he noticed a clearing in a stretch of land owned by his wife. Upon investigating, he discovered that the property, totaling about 4.7 acres, had been stripped of most of its trees. He saw some unattended vehicles and construction equipment sitting on the property, and he took pictures of the equipment and the stripped land as evidence. He said when he returned the next day, all the equipment was gone. A license plate on the dump truck that was left on the site was linked to Nobles Stumping LLC. The complainant said he had not attempted to contact the company.

Dec. 2
• Armed robbery — The owner of a Citgo on Oglethorpe Highway said he was robbed at knifepoint. He said he was leaving the store at approximately 9:30 p.m. when three men approached him. He said one of the men was holding a knife and forced him to the ground while the other two entered the store and grabbed a slot machine. He said they loaded the machine into a U-Haul truck before returning to the store to grab the DVR system. He said the man with the knife then let him up, and all three suspects left in the U-Haul, heading toward Allenhurst.
• Terroristic threats — A student at Bradwell Institute was questioned by HPD detectives regarding threats posted to a social-media site to “bomb and shoot up the school for Michael Brown.” Interpol Washington had notified the GBI of the threats, who in turn notified local authorities. The student initially denied posting the threats, stating that his account had been hacked. However, after presenting the student with screenshots of his user name making the posts, the student admitted that he did it as a joke. He said he was angry and that was how he chose to vent his frustrations. Local authorities decided not to prosecute the student, because the threats were not directed toward anyone specific, no students or school officials knew of the threats until they were alerted by authorities and there was no disruption of school.

Dec. 3
• Interference with public utilities — A man was cited for unlawfully bypassing a city water meter with a piece of PVC pipe. OMI contacted HPD regarding the incident after a public-works employee discovered the removed meter and PVC fitting. The employee said the resident’s water had been shut off for nonpayment, but the resident had connected the PVC pipe to bypass the meter and obtain water for free.

Dec. 4
• Armed robbery — The Parker’s on Oglethorpe Highway was robbed at gunpoint by two men wearing white T-shirts over their faces. A store employee said each man had a small pistol and took her behind the counter to force her to open the register. She said they took $400 in cash from the register and a carton of cigarettes.

Dec. 5
• Burglary/forced entry — A Sharon Street residence was burglarized. The complainant said one of her windows previously had been broken by her children and was only taped back in place. She said when she returned home from work, she noticed the window pushed in and several items in her bedroom had been moved. She then discovered an Xbox 360 and several games were missing.

Dec. 7
• Theft/tools for commission of crime — Officers responded to Tattersville Apartments on Burke Drive after a resident reported suspicious activity near the storage shed.
When HPD arrived, an off-duty deputy who works security for the complex was standing with the suspects, who he had observed acting suspiciously. Upon talking to the suspects and inspecting their vehicle, officers found several modified ignition switches.
While HPD was searching the suspects’ vehicle, the off-duty officer searched the area for signs of criminal activity. He returned and advised HPD to detain all the suspects. The off-duty officer informed HPD that he found a motorcycle had been moved to the rear of the building. He’d spoken with the motorcycle’s owner, who said it had been parked in the lot with a steering lock applied. When the officer found the motorcycle, it had been moved behind the storage shed, and the steering lock had been forcefully broken. The motorcycle’s ignition switch also had been tampered with.
• Robbery — A man was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot of Taco Bell on Gen. Screven Way. The victim said that as he pulled into the parking lot, he was flagged down by a man asking if he had change for a $20 bill. The victim said he turned to get his wallet from the console and the man pointed a gun at his head, instructing him to “give it all up.” The man took all of the money from the wallet then threw the wallet back into the victim’s car and go into a white vehicle. About $532 was stolen from the victim.

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