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Saving with solar
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Coastal Solar Energy Solutions system consultant Mike Croft speaks to Liberty County Chamber of Commerce members about solar power during an Eggs and Issues breakfast held Sept. 5. - photo by Asha Gilbert

Coastal Solar Energy Solutions took center stage at the Eggs and Issues Breakfast hosted by the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce last week.

 “We’re empowered by the Son, but embrace the sun,” System Consultant for the Coastal Solar Energy Solutions Mike Croft said.

Coastal Solar Power is an energy company that provides photovoltaic solar panels in an effort to provide energy savings to residential, commercial and agricultural owners. 

“We want to give the opportunity to not rent power, but to own it,” Croft said. “There are very few things in the equipment world that saves you money.”

He suggested the window of opportunity to invest in solar power was now due to the Solar Investment Tax Credit being 30 percent until the end of 2019. It would then drop to 26 percent and keep decreasing until after 2023 when the residential credit would drop down to 0 percent and commercial and utility credit will drop to a permanent 10 percent.

“Solar power is cheaper now than it’s ever been before,” Croft said.

He explained how beneficial solar power can be for 9 to 5 businesses due to the sun being up during those times and most 9 to 5 businesses being off on the weekends. He also explained if you ever over produce energy, power companies will buy your excess generation.

In their four years of operation, Coastal Solar Power helped get 11 USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) grants to small rural businesses like Jesup Pediatric and Armstrong Dentistry.

“Power ownership is real and feasible,” said Croft. 

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