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Sheriff Martin back in hospital
Don martin uniform
Sheriff Don Martin - photo by File photo
Because of continued pain stemming from injuries sustained Dec. 3 during a vehicle accident, Liberty County Sheriff J. Don Martin checked himself back into Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah on Tuesday.
According to the sheriff’s wife, Polly Martin, doctors will put the sheriff through a series of tests to determine
possible causes of the pain.
The accident left Martin with a fractured wrist, six cracked ribs and a broken leg.
Polly Martin said the sheriff had been making progress with physical therapy at home. Martin first returned home Feb. 3 after nearly two months in the hospital.
The sheriff’s wife said the constant pain has caused a minor setback in Martin’s recovery, but she plans to meet with the hospital’s medical staff soon and they will determine the best course of action for relieving the sheriff’s pain and continuing with his rehabilitation.
In the meantime, Martin’s sheriff office responsibilities are being handled by Chief Deputy Keith Moran.
“Primarily, I’ve been the one handling the extra duties,” Moran said. “Of course, Capt. (Dennis) Davis and Capt. (David) Edwards assist me with everything I need and Mr. Doug Franks helps with the jail matters. I spend a few hours a day at the courthouse and then out to the jail and then, at some point in time during the day, I contact him (the sheriff) and brief him and we discuss what decisions and what directions he wants to go with matters.”
Moran said Martin is making progress, but he thinks the recovery will be a long process. However, the chief deputy said, the sheriff is well aware of what is happening in the community.
“Whatever comes in through the front door is coordinated with Don,” Moran said.
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