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Sheriff recovery continues
Don martin uniform
Sheriff Don Martin - photo by Courier file photo
Liberty County Sheriff J. Don Martin continues to make progress as he recovers from injuries sustained in a vehicle accident Dec. 3, which left him
with a fractured wrist, broken leg and six cracked ribs. According to the latest post on Memorial Health University
Medical Center’s Web site, Martin’s wife Polly wrote the sheriff has been off the ventilator for some time and had his intravenous tubes disconnected. Martin was moved from intermediate care to a rehabilitation room in the neurology wing where he is also receiving specialized care for a concussion.
According to a Web site entry Sunday, Martin is starting physical therapy and his wife said the rehabilitation is doing him a world of good.
“He gets two sessions, each lasting about 30 minutes, of physical, occupational and speech therapy,” Martin wrote. “By the end of the day, he is exhausted and ready for a good night’s sleep. By the way, he’s found his appetite.”
A journal entry posted yesterday said Martin can sit up by himself for short periods and he is able to feed himself. But even those small tasks leave him somewhat fatigued.
“He’s also begun asking to go home and is beginning to get irritated that the doctors won’t let him,” Martin wrote. “When they tell him he has to stay for therapy, he counters that he can do that at West Rehab in Hinesville. In other words, he wants to be back in charge! We continue explaining to him that it is not quite time to go home yet, but we know that day is coming really soon and so far, he’s cooperating.”
She said she notices progress each day but the sheriff is still far from being able to receive visitors.

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