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Splash Smash remains undefeated, Tsunami Tsmash win second straight
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The Long County Blue Tide Super Smash Bros teams kept their season rolling on Wednesday, November 2. Splash Smash defeated Trinity Christian to remain undefeated while Tsunami Tsmash won their second straight, defeating Peach County.

Patrick McClennon used Mario again and faced off against Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy franchise. McClennon dropped his first game one stock to none, but was able to come back in the second two games.

McClennon held steady, winning the last two games by two stocks, the first with 129 damage on his second stock and the second with no damage on his second stock, a dominant showing.

Jimmy Barreto could seal the match win with a set victory and, using his trusty Isabelle main, did just that. He won his set 2-0, defeating Jigglypuff from Pokemon and Kirby from the namesake franchise by winning both games by two stocks with 76 damage in the first game and 88 in the second.

Splash Smash moves to 6-0 on the year and is ranked number two in the state.

Tsunami Tsmash won their second straight game, defeating Peach County two sets to one. Maliki Reese was up first, using his Pyra/Mythra character to take on a Roy main.

He continued to show improvement, nearly knocking out his opponent’s stocks before falling 1-0 in both his games.

Carson Baker was up next and took on a clone of his King K. Rool main. He was able to pull out the victory, blanking his opponent two sets to none. He had one stock left in each game with zero damage on the first and 76 damage on the second.

Dustin Seigler took up the controls for a decisive third set and used Bowser to take down his opponent two sets to none. His opponent used Ganondorf from the Zelda series and Dark Pit from the Kid Icarus series.

Seigler took the first set with one stock remaining and no damage while he three-stocked his opponent in game two with 125 damage on his first stock.

Tsunami Tsmash is now 4-2 on the year after opening the year 2-2. They are currently ranked number 34 in the state.

Both teams will be back in action on Wednesday, November 9 with just two games left in the regular season. 

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