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Stabbing victim doesn't press charges
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Oct. 8

Reports recently filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

Sept. 8
• Armed robbery — A 30-year old Midway man reported to a LCSO deputy that he was robbed at gun point in his convenience store on Leroy Coffer Highway around 2 a.m.  He said a suspect wearing black jeans, a black jacket with a hood and red bandanna covering his face pulled a handgun and ordered him to open both cash registers. He estimated he gave the suspect about $2,000 between his regular register and the one used for lottery-ticket sales. The man demanded to know where the video equipment was located. When shown, he smashed the recorder with the butt of his weapon. He then locked the man in his cooler, where he remained until another customer let him out.

Sept. 9
• Harassing phone calls — A complainant said her elderly mother received a phone call from an unknown man saying that she needed to pay a bill at Liberty Regional Medical Center. The complainant said she called the number back and a male answered, “Hello?” The complainant said her mother was told she owed $900 and if it wasn’t paid, her mother would be sued. The complainant said she asked the caller’s identity and he hung up.
• Verbal dispute — The complainant said she and her husband had a verbal dispute and he wanted her to leave. She said the dispute was not physical and that she did not have any family in the area. The officer advised that the man could not legally force her to leave because they were married.
• Driving under the influence of alcohol — An officer stopped a silver Dodge Ram bearing U.S. government plates at the Parker’s gas station on 196 and Airport Road. Upon contact with the driver, the officer smelled a strong odor of alcohol. He asked the driver if he’d been drinking and the driver stated “four beers.” The officer had the driver exit the vehicle and noticed that he was bracing himself on the truck and slurring his speech. The officer asked the driver to blow into the alco-senser, but the driver stated he knew he was over the legal limit. The officer asked again how much he’d been drinking and the driver said “seven beers.” The driver was arrested for DUI.

Sept. 10
• Affray (fighting) — A 17-year-old Liberty County High School student was arrested by a deputy after being called in by the school’s vice principal regarding a fight at school. Upon talking with the young man accused in the affray, the deputy learned the fight apparently was started by an argument his younger sister had with another student. He told the deputy that he was only trying to protect his sister. While being escorted to the front office; however, the young man punched out the glass on one of the doors leading to a common area. The student was suspended for three days for fighting and charged with criminal trespassing for breaking the glass. The cost to repair the glass is estimated at $235.

Sept. 15
• First-degree burglary (felony) — A 73-year-old Midway woman reported a break-in at her home on Lake Drive. The woman reported several expensive pieces of jewelry missing from her bedroom. She said that she and her husband often leave their home unlocked when they take drives around the neighborhood. The only people with access to her home are family members and health-care providers.

Sept. 19
• Aggravated assault — Liberty County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded around midnight to a Briar Bay Road home, where a birthday party was in progress and a man had been stabbed in the hip. After seeing blood on the man’s mouth and hip, a deputy asked the man if he was carrying a weapon. He denied it, but a quick search found a kitchen paring knife with 4-inch blade that was about ½-inch wide. The wounded man refused transport to the hospital and would not file charges against the man who stabbed him. Deputies were unable to determine what happened.

Sept. 20
• Battery — A 37-year-old man from Leland, North Carolina, told LSCO deputies he was punched in the face by a tall, skinny man when he stepped outside the Silver Dollar Lounge with him, presumably to smoke a cigarette. He said after punching him and knocking him to the ground, the man ran to the parking lot, got in a four-door vehicle and sped away. The deputy noted a large knot under the man’s eye. He also noted the man was intoxicated. A club security officer said he did not see the assault but did see a white, four-door car speeding away toward Richmond Hill. When EMS arrived, the man became uncooperative and refused transport to the hospital. He uttered a racial slur and said he’d take care of the man who’d punched him himself.

Sept. 21
• Suicide — A deputy responded to a call to a residence on Beasleyville Road in Fleming in reference to a suicide. They found a 44-year-old man, apparently dead from a gunshot wound, sitting in a chair against the wall by the master bedroom. The man was being treated for depression and had apparently tried to shoot himself in June. He had just seen his doctor two days earlier.

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