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'Pre-filed' bills target tax assessements
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ATLANTA (AP) _ Property taxes look like they will again be a hot topic for Georgia lawmakers when they return to the state Capitol.

Among the handful of early bills "pre-filed" Monday in the Georgia House were two looking to slow the rise of home assessments.

Under a Republican measure sponsored by Rep. Ed Lindsey, of Atlanta, assessments could grow by only 3 percent or the rate of inflation. The bill has the backing of Republican leadership. The state Senate passed a similar bill last session.

Another bill unveiled by Rep. Kevin Levitas, D-Atlanta, would freeze assessments at the home's purchase price.

Talk of taxes dominated the last legislative session but competing proposals went nowhere. House Speaker Glenn Richardson was seeking to wipe out property taxes in Georgia. The ambitious plan ultimately died after facing stiff resistance, some of it from within his own party.

Lawmakers were close to reaching agreement on a bill limiting home assessments in the session's final hours but the plan fell victim to political infighting.

The legislative session begins Jan. 12. "Pre-filed" bills are those which lawmakers file before the session begins.

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