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Troop return starts
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Following a trickle of advance teams and specialty units, the flow of redeploying troops to Fort Stewart is apparently beginning.
Members of the 3rd Infantry Division's 38th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company, 385th Military Police Battalion and 293rd Military Police Company are scheduled to return to Fort Stewart over the next week, after serving in Iraq.
Approximately 250 soldiers will be reunited with family members, including an estimated 40 troops with the 38th EOD Company, who were scheduled to return to the installation Tuesday night, just in time to share Valentine's Day with loved ones.
The other 210 division soldiers with the 385th Military Police Battalion and 293rd Military Police Company, both of which deployed in November 2006, are scheduled to redeploy between Thursday and Monday.
Ceremonies have been set for all the soldiers, but are routinely delayed.
Nearly the entire 20,000 members of the 3rd ID have spent the last 12-15 months in Iraq, a deployment moved up and lengthened by the troop "surge" into that country. Because deployments spread across nearly all of 2007, homecoming ceremonies are expected to last through this year and into early 2009.
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