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Blog Topic: Dangerous intersection
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I am very concerned about a potentially dangerous situation that exists on Highway 84 (Islands Highway) just east of the I-95 interchange. The Liberty County Development Authority has developed the Tradeport East Industrial Park which includes the Target and Tire Rack distribution centers. I appreciate the new job growth that comes along with this new development; however, I am very concerned about the dangerous conditions created by large trucks attempting to enter the industrial park.
For truck drivers not familiar with the area, they exit I-95 and proceed east. Less than one mile off the interstate, they can see a large distribution center. For one reason or another (not familiar with the area or night time conditions), the truck drivers do not see the entrance to Tradeport East until they pass it. Unfortunately, there is not a safe place on the east end of Liberty County for these trucks drivers to turn around. The trucks are forced to back up across Islands Highway in order to turn around.
I strongly urge the Liberty County Development Authority to install adequate lighting and signs for the entrance to the Tradeport East Development. They also need to install large, permanent signs with adequate lighting to the south side of Islands Highway before the entrance and at the entrance so the drivers are able to see the entrance and make the turn safely.
I request the Liberty County Development Authority act on this situation quickly. At least one life has been lost in years past due to an off-course 18 wheeler attempting to turn around.

— Angela Coleman

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