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City also needs some sequestration
Letter to editor
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Editor, I have now seen in this newspaper the city map of Hinesville that has the police report of crimes by street for the week.
This is a great idea, however it should show the different city council boundaries and certain streets/subdivisions to orient a citizen as to the location of that criminal action. Then that citizen could take any appropriate action to negate potential neighborhood criminal activity.
I have read all about the sequestration, and just as Mayor Thomas wants, I have been in contact throughout February with U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston. Pertaining to the fiscal cliff, he voted against this and felt that there was positive progress on the tax front. But, guess what, overall because of this “deal,” it should increase the debt by $4 trillion in the next 10 years. Remember, we’re already $17 trillion in hock now.
The Republican House has passed two separate spending bills in the last approximately 20 months, and the Democratic-controlled Senate has done nothing on the budget during this period, as told to me Feb. 27 by an aide to Congressman Kingston.
Kingston introduced a bill that was defeated. I thought it was a great idea — a 3 percent cut, all departments, all programs. A prior “deficit deal” left 107 programs untouched.
Now, Mayor Thomas, let’s look at this terrible thing called sequestration; Govs. Deal and Perdue of Georgia cut state departments’ spending by 3-4 percent over various years. State employees have had neither no (and no means no) pay raise nor furlough for the past umpteen years. It’s simple: you don’t have the money, you don’t have the money. The state can’t continue to print endless debt, money, etc.
One last statement about sequestration: This will merely cut a tiny small fraction of the “deficit,” not even touching the debt.

—Joseph B. Stuart

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