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Commissioner explains resignation
Letter to the editor


I read your paper’s article concerning my resignation from the Long County Commission, and once again Mike Riddle told another of just many lies.

I received a phone call late Tuesday afternoon (July 25) from the Coastal Courier asking if I wanted to make a statement, and I told them that I would send an email, but didn’t realize they meant immediately, because I wanted to give it some time. I guess I should have just went ahead and sent it.

1. Well, to start with I was not wandering the hall, I went straight to the office window and asked to use their computer.

2. I spent four years as the chairman, but I did ask the board if they wanted me to resign after an incident that I had that was covered very well by your staff writer at the time.

3. I resigned from the commission because I was not a fit for the board, as I told Riddle, but he so elegantly forgot to mention that.

4. I did not want to be a part of a group who continually said that we would see the previous year budget soon, but they are wasting time working on the 2017-18 budget.

5. I personally don’t like Mike Riddle and if he chooses a character debate that’s not a problem with me because I’m not in public office anymore, so let’s get started from 2009 through 2013 because I would love to debate this with the three who questioned mine.

I complained about a group who made a joke out of the finances of Long County, and now we have two who could have fit right in with them.
1. No budget but let’s vote on $92,000 raises
2. Let’s create four new holidays.
3. Biggest joke of all, let’s have a county employee bid on the grass contract.
4. How can you be financially transparent with a chairman and an administrator who repeat every day that we are working on old problems. I can assure them that I could get a budget in one week.

I was perfectly content to walk away, but I would find out what people think of me if I were them, and confidence may be chilled.

Thank you. I am more than happy to walk away or play silly games. Next article will get personal.

Bobby Walker
Long County

Editor’s note: Riddle declined to comment when the Courier first learned of Walker’s resignation from Long County Administrator Frank Etheridge.

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