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Covid ‘War of the Worlds’
Patty Leon new

Here we were minding our own business when BAM, the virus from hell swooped in. Who cares if it came from Wuhan China, Europe or the moon for that matter?

COVID-19 willfully released or not, quickly spread across the globe killing more than 1.7 million people worldwide and 326,000 in the United States as of Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile politicians, stagnant by their hatred of one another, allowed their citizens to die, go hungry, lose their livelihoods and their dignity, and then offered $600 in relief after nine months of negotiations on a second stimulus package.


I feel like I’m trapped in a real-life version of H.G. Well’s The War of the Worlds. 

The politicians are like the little green men operating those gigantic Martian machines and instead of vaporizing us they were spewing out coronavirus. 

These politicians, driving these gigantic killing machines, doing nothing but blowing a lot of hot air out of their mouth, and every other orifice, while burning down their country and allowing their constituents to die from the stench of their decaying breath. 

Vaporizing us all with COVID-19 while behind the scenes they bailed out corporate millionaires, pushed their own agendas and fought over whether wearing masks made sense or not. 

These maniacal power-mongers failed the medical field by seizing up protective equipment which should have gone to the frontline medical workers. Instead, they sit in a federal bunker and are administered at their fearless leader’s whim.

The administration knew the severity of the disease since January and they downplayed it. They had more important things to do, like go golfing, separate children from their families, build a crumbling border wall, pardon their criminal allies and family members, throw holiday parties, hold super spreader rallies, and now take their holiday recess.

Oh yeah and claim election fraud despite producing zero evidence to prove it (record of 1-55 now) while raking in millions to a Super PAC, which can be used to cover personal expenses and livelihoods down the road.

Yet we peons continue to suffer with no end in sight.

Scientists and Virologists across the world scrambled to create a vaccine. Luckily, or perhaps as the result of other unfortunate events, science had a jump start on the research of Coronavirus due to earlier worldwide outbreaks of SARS and MERS.

Scientists worked around the clock to create something…anything that would slow down the spread and possibly increase our immunity. 

And while they never even stepped one foot inside a lab or participated in the science or research (because science is for losers, right?), these Martian-machine driving alien politicians, now want to take credit for the vaccines’ creation.

Sorry bud, it doesn’t work that way!

And wait it keeps getting better. These same lame duck politicians, who denied and downplayed the virus’ severity, feel they deserve to be first in line to get their shots. First responders and medical pros, standby, better yet go home and wait, we’ll call you when it’s your turn.

But hey, we get $600 bucks!

Trump called the $600 ridiculous and that each person, eligible, should get $2,000. He said he wasn’t going to sign the new stimulus bill unless they made those changes. He demanded something be done (after days and weeks of not being seen or heard outside of twitter and after doing nothing to negotiate the bill the entire time) and then he went GOLFING, yet again. Another Florida trip for his Christmas retreat.

He did this knowing that Mitch McConnell had denied the $2,000 per person proposal when the Democrats first laid out that plan back in MAY…in MAY people! And of course, the Republicans said NOPE, that’s too much.

Hey politicians – IT’S OUR TAX DOLLARS!

They are willing to send millions to other countries, and fund other projects as noted in the 900 Billion stimulus and government spending bill, but the payments to American citizens appears to be the smallest portion of the package.

So much for Americans first. What a crock of poop.

We are merely pawns of a polarized group of so-called leaders that couldn’t find their way out of a Halloween corn maze! 

We are merely their puppets. They pull our strings and make us dance for minimum wage, while they keep their high paying salaries and laugh at our despair.

We the American people deserve far better than those in power have offered. Take names and remember that for the next election cycle.

Much like the book, where the aliens end up dying due to a lack of immunity to an earthly bacterium, we are slowly being killed by a virus run rampant due to a lack of planning, and empathy by our government who think people can live off $1,200 for nearly nine months and that $600 is sufficient.

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