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Elected leaders need backbrones
Letter to editor
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Being a Marine Corps veteran with an honorable discharge who has a great desire to support our many military veterans, I think that a man’s resume and ability to lead are reflected in his past actions.  
In the race for Georgia’s 1st Congressional District, there is only one man who has served his country to the extent that Dr. Bob Johnson has, and that is why he’ll be the man I vote for on May 20.  Johnson has served his country in the military as an Army Ranger, in the medical profession as a surgeon and has helped the less fortunate as a medical missionary in Guatemala. I believe this resume of action is a reflection of his passion for serving his fellow man.   
Every time I turn on the news and hear about how our politicians in Washington, D.C., are advancing their own agenda, it reaffirms my desire to support a man who has a plethora of experiences and who isn’t looking for the next rung on the career ladder.  
Johnson is a man with proven leadership experience who has spoken out about being an advocate for term limits and protecting the Constitution from liberal vultures. I want our representative to lead, not fall prey to the temptations of politics in our nation’s capital.
Johnson is the only one with the backbone required to stir the pot and get things done. He has my full support in his run for Congress, and I will continue my support and service to Georgia’s 1st Congressional District when Johnson is elected to fill this seat.

— David Brooks

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