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Good to see NAACP joining fight
Letter to the editor

Editor: Sure is good to see someone else joining this fight for the students, teachers, and staff of Liberty County Educators.

Although they don’t have an "I" (as in GBI, FBI, IRS, or DA — sorry had to sneak that one in) in their name, the NAACP has proven they can hold their own when it comes to bringing ugly-ness to the light.

Hopefully at their Sunday Forum they will be able to address and get some answers on a whole slew of questions that have been raised.

Here’s couple more for them to have a go at:

Super Lee fired CFO in Clayton County before coming here. After arriving here she fired our own Finance guy Rogers for so ‘called inaccuracies’, then replaced him with previously pink-slipped CFO Reese. Now there are upwards of 80 MILLION inaccuracies but she doesn’t send CFO Reese to the house, instead spends a bunch of student monies on an unnecessary tribunal to justify sending Reese to the house. Then she rehires Rogers back, who apparently was doing a Great job before super Lee arrived. Why?

Lots of time renters not wanting to lose their deposit sweep the dirt under the sofa so the house looks clean before they turn out the lights and head out. Is this such a case?

Secondly, if memory serves me correct this brouhaha started to boil a couple of moons ago when member Scott asked super Lee about what he considered ‘some of her inaccuracies’. Refusing to answer his inquires super Lee instead jumped up and down and shouted "Bully, Bully, Bully". The sisterhood then joined in.

It appears everything member Scott recommended thereafter unanimously was sent to FILE 13.

Complaints of his conduct were sent to Atlanta. Video board meetings to preserve members actions for posterity…. "Get outta here lunatic."

Request to meet to funnel $190,000 to students instead of super Lee post departure before deadline to do so met with disdain and denied (Losers being the students, teachers, and taxpayers).

Bull Dog Leon reported his request for a forensic audit (One of those "I" guys?) after the ‘inaccuracies’ with all those zeroes behind that came to light was scoffed at not by one or two other members.... but all of them.

Now BDL reports chair Baker asks if a request for bid for a forensic audit has gone out. Did the other members have a change of heart after squashing member Scott’s common sense recommendation? Was there a vote on this? Was this an attempt to sweep the dirt under the sofa until super Lee turns in the keys?

Hopefully the NAACP can address what me thinks appears to be continued blatant discrimination by Chair Baker and the other members of the BOE. Gender discrimination of the skirts against the pants, all to the detriment of the students and taxpayers of Liberty County.

Just my 2 cents (but running outta pennies).

Bruce A McCartney

Trade Hill Community.

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