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Government is shredding our Constitution
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More than 200 years ago, the framers of the Constitution lived under the tyranny of the king of England and his laws and whims. When they revolted and formed a new government, they wrote a document designed to prevent this same tyranny from happening to the citizens of the United States.
Over the years, we have seen the government slowly replacing the Constitution — an important document — with mandates, regulations and laws. Most recently, we have seen Obamacare try to force religious organizations that offer health care to their employees to also offer birth control, which is contrary to their core religious beliefs and a violation of the First Amendment’s freedom of religion. The government already has taken Christ out of Christmas and forbidden prayer in schools. You might want to look up the Reformation in England.
I believe the government directly attacked the Second Amendment with “Operation Fast and Furious,” which was designed so that the government could claim that gun dealers violated the law and therefore should be controlled. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton already is discussing a small arms treaty with the United Nations that supposedly would circumvent the Constitution and keep Americans from owning guns. If our forefathers did not have guns, we would still owe allegiance to England. 
In the name of security, the government is violating the Fourth Amendment by allowing security personnel to grope us or view our naked bodies though a machine when we fly on commercial airplanes. This is a form of government terrorism that violates the public’s right “to be secure in their persons.” The government is taking away our liberties and rights provided by the Constitution under the false impression of national security.
Did you know that if a government agency thinks that you owe that agency money, they can take money that is owed to you, such as a tax refund or Social Security, without having to sue you in court? Under the Debt Collection Act, a government agency can order the Treasury Department to take this money in violation of the due process of the Fifth Amendment.
Ever get a speeding ticket? If so, you might find that the base fine for speeding is just the beginning. Usually, you will find “junk” fees or surcharges added to that base fine for at least 19 different funds, all of which are revenue generators which violate the Eighth Amendment restriction on “excessive fines.”
The federal government is violating the 10th Amendment by mandating that everyone buy health insurance in violation of states’ rights. The government’s theory suggests that Congress could order citizens to buy a product or service even if the state has laws against such a national law.
Article 2.2 of the Constitution allows the president to appoint managers, but they are prohibited from having regulatory, legislative or law-making powers. Today, the president’s czars have the power of Cabinet members without going through the confirmation process needed for Cabinet members. These czars are, in reality, untouchable political decision- and regulation-makers.
Thomas Jefferson made a prophetic warning: “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government.”

Calderone is a conservative who lives in Midway. He is a professional salesperson and has written articles for trade publications in various fields for 30 years.

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