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Its important to brave the awkward
Life in Liberty
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Breast cancer ranks pretty low on my list of favorite things to talk about. If I’m being honest, it doesn’t even make the list.

I’m big on modesty and awkward about topics like breast health. Amongst the exhibitionist of the world, I think a few of us modest, awkward people still exist.

Really, we’re probably the reason there needs to be a whole month dedicated to breast cancer awareness.

Thursday at the Farmer’s Market, my family and I swam through a sea of pink to pick up our peach cider, pulled pork sandwich and super-delicious pistachio cupcake. Information about breast cancer was everywhere, along with fliers, games, fundraising and great music.

As someone who’s a little shy about breast health, it was all over downtown Hinesville. Before I knew it I was walking away with a stack of fliers, a pink ribbon on my purple shirt and a reminder of why it’s important to brave the awkward.

After all, even for those of us who aren’t quite brave enough to don the “Save the Tatas” T-shirt or even hang the self-administered breast exam guide on our showerhead, an awkward reminder is still a lot less painful than breast cancer.

Take it from the survivors present on Thursday — it’s worth spreading the word even if it means one less person who will have to go through what they did.

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