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Join fight to increase pancreatic cancer five-year survival rate
Letter to the Editor
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Editor, Over the past 30 years there has been a revolution in science and medicine, resulting in increased survival rates for many diseases but, unfortunately, pancreatic cancer has not benefited from these advances because, historically, there haven’t been enough people who know about it. As a result, pancreatic cancer is the only cancer with a five-year survival rate in the single digits, at just 6 percent. Even more alarming is that the disease is expected to move from the fourth- to the second-leading cause of cancer death in the United States by 2020 — possibly as early as 2015. We must change this. We can.

November is National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Pledge now to support the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s vision of progress to double the pancreatic-cancer survival rate by 2020.

With increased public awareness and continued pressure on our 112th Senate to pass SB 3560, the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act of 2012, we can guarantee that within 18 months, strategic, long-term development plans are defined by scientific framework.

On Sept. 29, I lost my older brother to pancreatic cancer, 11 months after he was diagnosed. I understand firsthand the urgent need to create hope for others and their loved ones. No one diagnosed with pancreatic cancer should feel hopeless.

Please join the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in helping to stamp out this life-stealing disease by participating in PurpleStride Savannah’s 5K beach run/walk Saturday, Nov. 17, on Tybee Island. Complete details and registration information are available at

Now is the time to be a hero in the fight against pancreatic cancer. Go to to learn more.

Together we can make a difference.

— Diane Patino
volunteer media coordinator, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s Savannah affiliate

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