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Letter to the editor: Comp plan changes should be stopped
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Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your article, January 11, 2023, concerning the proposed amendment to the Liberty County Comprehensive Plan. There were several statements which need to be addressed.

1. The words “scattered residential” were used to describe homes along Dorchester Village Road. This is not true. In fact, there are homes along the entire length of this road which will be impacted by traffic, noise, and light pollution.

2. The I-95 interchanges (87 and 90) were given as examples of large sales tax revenues for Bryan County. These interchanges are commercial, not industrial. Warehouses do not promote sales tax revenue. Warehouses bring no intrinsic value to the citizens of Liberty County. Warehouses do not provide benefits such as bike paths, parks, etc.

3. Rezoning across Islands Highway will create an industrial sprawl, which will paint a bleak picture of Liberty County for creative growth in the future.

4. Mention was made of a town center, travel center, etc., which will be developed in the future — about 10 to 20 years down the road.

5. Infrastructure: Taking a “hard look” is not adequate for the traffic situations which will occur at exit 76. There has been no traffic study provided to the public to outline the impact of traffic in East Liberty. The county is not prepared for the number of trucks — estimated at 7,000 trips a day — which will impact our roads. Who will pay for the road improvements?

I urge Liberty County citizens to think carefully about how we want our county to grow. This plan is currently being evaluated by the Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia in Darien. Just a click and about three minutes of your time! Please voice your opinions at gov/2023-liberty-comp-planamendment- review.

Nancy Holman Maier

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