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Letter: Incumbent endorses Scott for seat
Carolyn Smith-Carter


As the current School Board Representative of District 2, not running for re-election, I question the motives of Mr. Patrick Underwood Sr.’s endorsement of Dr. Joe Kelly.

First, Mr. Underwood is not a resident of District 2. I have known Mr. Underwood, unlike many of you as he portrays his image on his media feed or as he gives gifts and support to students in our school system, or as he tells teachers to tell him if they have complaints about our school system. My experience includes personal attacks published in the media and threats for my resignation because of my choices of professional development. Mr. Underwood determined that I “Should get off my High Horse and resign”, based on his evaluation of my job performance. This was without his knowledge of the fact that I had already completed 108 hours of tax payers funded training. 

After a meeting at Dorchester Academy by some of my fellow elected officials, my family experienced weeks of phone harassing calls for me to resign. After several board meetings I personally witnessed Mr. Underwood tutoring Dr. Kelly on strategies that work with the board. Mr. Underwood used the school system’s Open Book Logo to publish commentary that my NO Vote against a course several board members wanted, would result in our school system loosing our accreditation. As recent as March 12, 2020, statements on his website posted premature information concerning closing of the LCSS Schools, again delivering false information.

I cannot tell you my constituents who to vote for, but I can promise you that I will be voting for Marcus Scott 1V. We need a candidate with deep convictions, who possesses a knowledge of School Law, a forgiving spirit even when wronged, who will not represent special interest, and will represent the constituents of District 2 and all of Liberty County. 

I will not hesitate to personally share with any voter first hand fact that explain my support and endorsement of Marcus Scott 1V.

Thank you for your unfailing trust and confidence in my leadership.

Carolyn Rebecca 

Smith Carter

Native and Life Long Resident of Liberty County 

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