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Middle East troops, not Americans, should fight ISIL
Letter to the editor

Editor, We committed our infantry on two disastrous Mideast battlefields. You know, those places where Christian churches and Christians are not allowed. The result — many thousands dead and maybe a hundred thousand wounded. Some so horribly, their lives are destroyed. We wasted trillions of dollars. Well, maybe not. They say war is good for business.

Did we fail in our intelligence-gathering and our understanding of those cultures, or did our leadership choose to ignore the obvious?

We have a bevy of sword-rattling congressmen who want to send more American infantry to die or come home with missing arms and legs.

They argue that the battlefields in Syria and in Iraq are the source of terrorism here. They want more “heroes.” Every war does have its “heroes.”

In our “one shoe fits all,” “it takes a village” society, we refuse to admit that most of those injured and dead are just victims of senseless war.

Where was the battlefield that stimulated those who killed more than 300 Marines in Beirut?

Where was the battlefield that stimulated the destruction of the towers in New York City?

Radical Islam doesn’t need a battlefield to promote terrorism.

ISIS (an acronym for the self-proclaimed Islamic State) is a problem for Muslims, and they are the ones to resolve the problem.

I am quite sure that our drum-beating friends in the Senate and the talking heads on popular talk shows and news programs know the following statistics.

The strength of the murdering rapists of ISIS in both Syria and Iraq number around 100,000.

Egypt has more than a million troops with armored divisions under a modern air force. Turkey: millions and growing. Saudi Arabia: 250,000, plus air power.

The remaining 12 or 13 Mideast countries have a combined capability of several more million.

The headline Sunday was, “Turkey finally enters the war.” You bet. The headline tomorrow should be, “A newly formed coalition of Muslim countries has banded together to wipe out radical Islam wherever it exists.” That coalition should also include the Muslim communities in all Western nations. Either way, it remains their problem to resolve, and that includes Iranian export of terrorism.

Our homegrown warmongers need to step back and take a deep breath. When Islam decides that we aren’t coming, Islam will address the problem.
Roy Hubbard

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