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Midway PD too concerned with being politically correct
Letter to editor
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Editor, I was absolutely astounded to learn the Midway Police Department felt it necessary to enforce an ordinance by shutting down a girl’s lemonade stand on private property because she didn’t have the proper permits. 
Has the whole world gone mad? Or is this just a money grab?  Sounds like the latter to me.
For children, lemonade stands are a time-honored method of earning money. I did it when I was a kid growing up in Savannah.  What’s the harm in a child doing this?
Have we gone so politically correct that common sense flies out the window? This is simply ludicrous! Shame on whoever made the judgment call that the lemonade was a threat because they did not know what was in it.  
This is what happens when “PC” takes over common sense and reality goes out the window.
Please let me know this child’s address so I can send her a check to help her raise money for her trip.
— Rafe Semmes

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