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Motorists beware deer on the move
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Deer are beautiful animals, but they also are a pain for many of us.

Deer are plentiful all over our county and throughout Georgia. They can play havoc with gardens and landscaping even in populated subdivisions.

Even more serious is the fact deer are commonplace along our streets and highways, and too often we hear about motorists hitting deer who dart out in front of vehicles.

Recently, Georgia wildlife and public safety officials urged drivers to be on the lookout for deer now that fall has arrived.

Mating season has begun, and male deer are searching for females. They are on the move, and deer are most active at dusk and dawn. These are very difficult times for motorists to see deer. With the upcoming time change on Nov. 4, more and more motorists will be traveling to and from work during the times of dusk and dawn.

Don’t think deer are roaming just in rural or non-populated areas of the countryside. They are everywhere. If you drive along many of our busy highways, particularly at night, you will see deer grazing near the highway shoulders and sometimes in the medians.
There are about 50,000 collisions each year involving cars and deer in Georgia.

We all need to heed this warning to be alert for deer this time of the year.

Keep your eyes on the road and be alert for deer along the sides of the road. If you see one deer safely cross in front of you, don’t let down your guard. They often move in small groups. If one deer crosses the road, there are likely others nearby.
Drive carefully.

— Newnan Times-Herald

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