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Plant better than individual treatment
Courier editoria
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If you accept the predictions that huge growth is on its way to the eastern part of Liberty County the plan to build a sewage plant in the Tradeport East Business Center should be welcomed.
No one likes to think about it much, but the waste we humans produce has to be dealt with. Currently businesses, developers and residents rely on small community treatment plants and septic systems.
The controversial waste water treatment plant proposed by the Liberty County Development Authority alters the natural element and could change the nature of the Laurel View River. But if growth reaches the predicted levels the plant would be safer for the river and its surrounding salt marsh than continuing to rely on the small and individual treatment systems.
Although the economy is now officially in recession population predictions indicate that the need will continue to grow. Eastern Liberty County’s development has been sporadic and the current crisis has again slowed construction in the area. But with the current businesses already in the park, the spec buildings put up by IDI and planned mixed-use developments in the area odds are pretty good the area is going to blossom once the economy recovers, especially with 10,000-15,000 new residents headed to the area in the next few years with the 3rd Infantry Division’s fifth brigade.
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