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Questions; no answers about SPLOST
Letter to editor
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Editor, In the Friday, May 9 Courier, I saw that the Liberty County Board of Commissioners has finalized the list of SPLOST projects. I noticed that the east end of Liberty County, as usual, was granted just a small portion of the projected $54 million. The two items that I see listed is the Midway City Hall ($317,384) and an east-end medical clinic ($362,725). These two projects are about 0.013 percent of the total revenue expected from SPLOST.
There are 4 miles of unpaved roads in Midway that would cost about $1.4 million to complete, yet the county wants to spend $4 million to extend the runway at the MidCoast Regional Airport, which is a benefit to few residents. What happened to the idea of a city-hall complex, which included the fire and police departments?
Liberty County, as usual, has its pet projects without concern to the residents of the east end. Therefore, I will vote against SPLOST and encourage all residents of east Liberty County to do the same.
The county advertises Midway to be the “Gateway to Liberty County,” yet the county does nothing to make the gateway appealing to visitors to the county. What happened to Midway’s master plan? Why doesn’t the county use SPLOST funds to develop the city’s infrastructure, which is in dire need of updating? Why do we always have questions and no answers?

— Len Calderone

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