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Reader skeptical of global warming
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear editor,

Earlier this week, these were the polar vortex-caused temperatures: Chicago -18°, Detroit -18°, Minneapolis -20°, and a hot New York City at 26°.

Yep, global warming is here. The people in these cities should have worn their shorts and tank tops. We need to adjust to global warming.

The world’s leading global warming authorities, IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), had completely misinformed the public about both the concerns and timetables of global warming and unequivocally stated that we had to do something about it.

The IPCC announced that 90 billion tons of carbon, as carbon dioxide, circulate between the earth’s ocean and the atmosphere annually, and 60 billion tons are exchanged between vegetation and the atmosphere.

Humans only emit 5 to 6 billion tons per year, adding only 5 percent to the atmosphere, making it difficult to claim that man-made carbon is causing global warming if such a thing even exists. Looking at the weather map, it appears that we have a long way to go before any kind of warming will affect our lives. 

The world’s average temperature has only increased a few degrees in the last 100,000 years. I don’t think that we have to have our air conditioners run all year round quite yet. 

The fear of global warming is just another way government is trying to control the way that we live. 

Len Calderone


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