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So many questions but so few answers
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DO YOU EVER WONDER? Why are automobiles geared to go 120 mph when speed limits nationwide are 70? Why is it OK for a business to have barbed wire around the top of their fences, but it’s against the law for homeowners? Why did automanufacturers do away with the dimmer switch on the floorboard? What do those large question marks on our historic site signs mean? When will Frank Cochran Drive be completed? Why have the good sitcoms on TV been replaced by violence, car chases, nudity, foul language and Hollywood scandals? Why do people find it pleasurable to suck smoke into their lungs? Why are children  not required to wear seatbelts on school buses? Why and when did Christmas and Easter became Santa Claus and a bunny? Why are libraries no longer quiet? Why do women’s blouses button from the left and men’s shirts button from the right?  

KUDOS: I would like to thank Patty Leon, journalist for the Courier, for her enlightening story last week concerning the fate of animals that are euthanized by Animal Control. This has been a concern of mine for quite some time. It’s sad those poor, innocent animals end up in our landfills without a proper burial.  What is even more appalling to me is that Animal Control receives funding from our county to kill animals while the humane shelter — dedicated to saving the animals — does not.  That needs to be changed. Thanks again, Patty, for telling it like it is.

TO BURN OR NOT TO BURN: Gov. Purdue has declared a statewide “no-burn” mandate, yet people continue to burn leaves. Recently, a home was destroyed because the owners chose to disobey the rule. I called our forestry division to find out if it was OK to burn if you have a contained burn pit with a covered grate and within five feet of a spigot. I was told that no burning of any kind is allowed right now because of all the fires burning out of control. People are being fined daily because they don’t read a newspaper or watch the news where all of this has been publicized.

MISCELLANEOUS: Want to save a little money? Make your own furniture polish. Mix two parts of lemon juice with one part olive oil. Pour into a spritzer. This mixture will even remove dull residue left from commercial sprays.
• You know there is a problem with our education system when you realize only one of the three “Rs” begins with an “R.”
• Did you know that Statesboro has a botanical garden and winery?
• Do you remember “the goat man,” Ches McCartney?

NATIVE PLANT OF THE YEAR:  The Georgia Native Plant Society recently chose the Virginia sweetspire as its native plant of 2007. What a gorgeous plant. I’ve seen it so many times in the wild, but never knew what it was called. It’s kind of a “white bottlebrush.” It’s such a spectacular plant because its bloom is gorgeous, it is fragrant, low maintenance and its leaves turn orange and red in the fall. Be sure and look this one up in your plant book or computer.  

VILLAGES OF LIMERICK: Hats off to Claude Dryden, who developed the Villages of Limerick near Lake George, for planting all those beautiful palms and plants at the entrance.  It is really pretty.

ATLANTA ZOO: I haven’t been there in years, but plan to visit soon. Parking is free and the prices are reasonable. Admission is: adults (ages 12-55), $17.99; children (3-11), $12.99; children (2 and under), free; seniors (55 and up), $13.99; and military and college students, $13.99. The zoo is open 363 days a year, only closing for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

 ATLANTA AQUARIUM: This is another place I’d like to visit. It’s the world’s largest aquarium. It cost $10 to park your vehicle. Admission is: adults, $24; seniors, $20 and children, ages 3-12, $18.  

Monday: Memorial Day
June 2: Public Yard Sale at PoJo’s in Midway
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