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Sound off for Dec. 1

“In the Nov. 7 Coastal Courier, there shows a resident showing her support for Stacey Abrams, there’s a picture of her holding a sign. I was wondering why there wasn’t a picture of a resident holding a Brian Kemp sign? Because there are definitely supporters in Liberty County for Brian Kemp.”

“To the good Samaritan that rode beside me the other day when the lady almost hit me because she ran the red light, I would personally like to again thank you for checking on me because it scared you and myself. She could have caused a 3-4 car wreck. Please, you all need to pay attention when you’re driving. If the light is red, stop at the light. Police needs to be on every point in Hinesville if possible to catch these drivers not driving correctly.”

“So the board of education recognized their school custodians, but when are they going to recognize the paraprofessionals? I think we deserve the recognition also. Thank you.”

“I agree, Chic-Fil-A should be open on Sunday. I want to spend my money with your business and you are not providing that service. That is just bad business practice. Everywhere else is open on Sunday, why not you?”

“I’m glad somebody else thinks your fish wrap newspaper sucks. Not only are you anti-Trump but you seem to be biased when it comes to reporting on certain individuals in our city - guess they must be democrats. Food for thought Miss liberal editor, move your Sound Offs to another page and publish more of them instead of your meaningless articles.” 

“This is in reference to the Nov.14 Coastal Courier, the article about the police responding to an incident at Bradwell. Why was this put on the front page when the investigation is still ongoing? That could be defamation, not defamation of character because you didn’t mention names, but it’s still inappropriate.”

“Long County needs to get a handle on foreclosures. I just got an appraisal on our property and it is worth $20,000 less then what I originally paid for it due to all the foreclosures in the neighborhood.  Maybe the Garrison should educate their soldiers on what it takes to be a good property owner.”

“It is almost December and the children of McClelland Elementary School still are unable to go outside for physical activity. As a parent I am concerned for my child’s wellbeing. I understand the school’s concern due to the construction and retention pond but we are almost five months into school. Something should have been done to rectify the problem at this point. It sends a message that the Long County Board of Education is not concerned with the physical and mental wellbeing of the students; I can only imagine being stuck inside a building all day as an adult. Even prisoners are allowed a certain amount of time outside each day. I’m certain the lack of outdoor activity is not helping with behavioral issues or the childhood obesity epidemic.” 

 “Thank you, Principal Williams at LFMS for the sidewalk. It was needed for years.”

“I voted for Trump because I was promised a wall to keep illegals out.  Mexico is not holding up their part of the bargain.  This is why Trump can’t get things done, because he doesn’t get the support he needs.”

“I just met with a Realtor and they told me I would have to pay 4 to 6 percent towards anyone going VA. What a rip off.  No one helped me with my closing costs.”

“Would it be possible for the city to repaint the crosswalk at Bradwell St. and Stewart Way? It’s so faded out and traffic can’t see it anymore and it’s getting dangerous. I have to dodge every time I cross there.”

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