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Sound off Jan. 29
Sound Off
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Tax payers of Liberty Co.  ask questions and you will receive the craziest responses.  BOE please Invest in athletics!  We have great coaches who have not had raises in 10 years but we are paying “best men” from family weddings.  This needs to stop!  Tax payers and Coastal Courier please attend the Feb. 5th forum and ask those attending what are their intentions.  We miss Mr. Rogers

The town of Midway apparently doesn’t like to fix their roads. I live on the far end of Phillips Rd. It’s a dirt dead end, guess we’re not important enough for the city to want to fix it right. We’ve been neglected back here over the years, but I’ve never seen anything like the last year, or seen so many  neighbors end up stuck in the ruts, sunk in the ditches, or completely cut off when the dam floods the road. When the bus drivers refuse to come down the road to get my little girl because the road conditions are too dangerous, the city responds with “The bus driver’s tripping, there’s nothing wrong with that road.” Only when the city got their own truck stuck 3x’s did they lay some crush & run down, but only as far as the bus turn around. What they failed to do was to make sure the Entire road was passable. In typical bureaucratic fashion they fixed right up to the bus route but didn’t make sure that the one family that actually needs to use the bus could GET TO THE BUS STOP. The ruts were so bad at our end that trucks were getting stuck back here. I don’t own a truck, we were completely on our own because my vehicle doesn’t have 4 wheel drive. A week before Christmas vacation my 4 year old had been diagnosed with influenza A. Coming home from the pediatrician was the last time we could get the car out for almost 2 weeks! We couldn’t get to the store, I had about run out of groceries, and our child’s fever was making us very nervous. We knew if she got too bad no help was coming.  We even ended up missing out on any Christmas festivities or Christmas Dinner because the water was so deep running across the road there was no way I was risking our lives or my car to drive over it. And yes I have pictures and video of it all. We keep saying someone is really going to get hurt back here, and I’ll be darned if I didn’t get a panicked call from my sweet neighbor begging for help this morning. The gravel is giving way at the road’s edges and she got sucked into the ditch trying to let another car pass. My 64 year old neighbor, who I love dearly couldn’t get out of her truck today as her truck was sinking deeper into the ditch. The ditches are beyond full of water. It could have been bad. We could have lost a great woman today because these idiots don’t want to do their job. Thank Heaven our community takes care of its own even if the city won’t. With a huge effort we were able to finally pull her out, and she’s shaken up but Ok. This never should have happened. The road is just going to go back to being crap, the ditches are completely screwed up, the whole situation back here is messed up. Another good rain and the dam will block us in again. We have asked to be paved. We’re given weak excuses like the road is too narrow. Lake George & Lake Gail have single passenger paved roads, so what exactly is the problem here? Do we have to actually have a death on this road before we’re taken seriously?

Its 2020 and today the Republican Party reminds me so much of the Citizen Council of America from 1956. Today the GOP has assume its role. Today it has new motto: We Obstruct Justice No Matter What.

 Today its leader: Mitch McConnell. Today the party still operates under the fonding principles of the Citizen Council of America with Donald Trump at the head. History has a way of repeating itself in some form or fashion pay attention look at how this impeachment process is being carried out at this present point in time in the Senate.

Hi! this is Sharon again. For did women out there know that some men are scared of the word for to start a sentence. This maybe the reason they are scared of me doing it on sound off. They are scared or have a Phobia of the word for because we us it to get out of you know what when we say for I have a Headache and don’t feel like doing it . Or we say For one of our Appliances broke down and I need a new one . Or we say For I cant go on a date with you tonight I am sick . For in the military for the word For is used sometimes in the following manner  : For you are late for formation again prepare for article 15 UCMJ. For this type of male has a real problem and may need help medically.

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