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Sound off for Jan. 30

“The Liberty County Commissioners should offer reasonable opportunities for public comment during their meetings.”

“The State of Georgia and the Federal Government needs to allow you to have more than one wife. When one wife is too old to be intimate you can marry a younger female that wants to be intimate with you and so on and still be married to the older wife. For Mormons are allowed more than one wife. And this is ok with the State of Utah. In other countries they can have more than one wife. It cuts down on domestic violence between a wife that does not want to be intimate but the husband does. And life would be easier with husbands that had more than one wife.”

“The Courier news staff was surprised by the Liberty County Commission’s longstanding policy on public comment during their meetings? Hmm.”

“With all the Liberty County administrators move around last week. Why wasn’t Liberty County High School principal move around? She need to go. No respect for her teachers. No respect for her students. No respect for her cafeteria workers. No respect for her custodians. No respect for parents. No respect for sport coaches. Thanks from retire educator.”

“For I know who this person is. I won’t disclose his name but I served with him on Ft. Stewart with the DMMC. For he was an odd ball and now with him posting all his anger at Buddy Carter and President Trump it makes me wonder about him as a retiree of the armed forces. Who the heck starts off a sentence with “For”......?  Proves my point as this former pizza employee as a nut job.  Mr. (and I’ll call him) “Mr. More Wet,” get a life and wake up and get on the winning team......the MAGA team.”

“Why did you disconnect the number 912-368-3733- are you discontinuing sound off? For the elderly here in liberty they can’t always use internet. They like calling on the phone.” (Editor’s note: Our Sound Off phone line has not been discontinued. The correct number is: 912-876-3733)

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