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Sound off for Jan. 5

“I see many residents are concerned about the Liberty County Fire Fee. I am wondering why the response areas are so messed up. Why does the county dispatch units from the Lake George area all the way over to the Dave Williams/Howard Hill areas. Aren’t there any closer fire departments? Why not have the closest departments respond and allow the departments to work together, Volunteers are the main backbone of well over 70 percent of the nation’s fire departments and even here in Georgia.”

“From a three star general by the name of Flynn, to a host of others, all have been picked up for lack of integrity or lying. And all of them have been connected to the commander and chief of the United States. What kind of county do we live in when we can’t even trust a three star general to tell the truth?”

“After reading the latest Coastal Courier edition, I must say that 2018 brought our county two disappointments for not just me but many others that I know of as well.  Both were to do with our school board.  We have missed out with the loss of Marcus Scott and the near election of Scott Carrier.  I pray that as the years evolve our county will wake up and elect/keep those who have a true vision of what we deserve our students in Liberty County to have.”

“Our students and even dedicated teachers should not have to go to surrounding counties to acquire a decent education or to work with a superior school system.  I speak not only as a parent but more importantly from experience as a long time LCSS teacher.  We need to drain our own local school system swamp and make things the best for our school system students deserve!  As it is, Liberty County School System just continues to lose some of its best teachers to surrounding counties who are beyond thrilled to welcome their expertise.  Wake up people!  Our students deserve the best!” 

“Marcus Scott you are eating your words. You lost. The only thing you did for the Liberty County school system is started trouble.”

“Since the Great Americans who work for the Secret Service are working without pay due to the Trump shutdown. Maybe the Trump Family should stay in the White house until the shutdown is over.”

“I’ve served my country for over four decades under a number of Commander in Chiefs during this time. The current Commander in Chief is a bad example and a poor excuse for the office.”

“Donald Trump is a condescending coward who will never be the man that General Jim Mattis is even in his dreams. Trump is America’s very own Chicken Little. Chicken Little is a master liar however Chicken Little can’t handle the truth.”

“The Stock Market is having the worst December since 1931 --welcome to Trump Economy.”

“Since Trump is not in Florida for Christmas he is actually saving the Taxpayers 10 million dollars per day and not netting a profit for Trump LLC.”    

“So let me get this straight, Trump said Mexico is going to pay for the wall but now he is shutting the government down because the Democrats won’t support it?  He also just said he would take responsibility for the shutdown and he is blaming Democrats.  Trump supports, please explain this to me.”

“We have a president  who is  undermining America’s national security. Our National Security has become broken and dysfunctional under the Trump administration. He trashed one of best National Security Advisor he could possibly asked for  in General H.R. McMasters,who would not put up with the Trump’s mess and then there’s  Secretary of Defense James Mattis who has resigned because he could no longer tolerate serving under an incompetent president. Bottom line is that we’ve not defeat ISIS. Pulled U.S. ground forces out of Syria and Afghanistan and watch what happens. During the past two years our President has done more to undermine America’s national security then ISIS.” 

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