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Sound off for Jan. 9

“With the start of a new year we continue to see the Coastal Fish Wrap full of anti-Trump discourse - the sound offs, the editorials and your political cartoons. Give it a rest why don’t you.  Accept the fact that this is the best president America has had since Ronald Reagan (another Republican) and crooked billary would have been a disaster to our country.  You go Mr. Trump, MAGA!”

“Marcus Scott sit down and shut up. You will never be a school board member in Liberty County again.”

“Only six more hours before the long government shut-down President Trump promised if he did not get funding for his border wall. What will this close down on Fort Stewart and what gates will be closed to get on and off post? For this is what terrorist Middle East sleeper cells wanted that are already here along with the KKK and American Nazis. For I hope local law enforcement are ready and they may have to guard Fort Stewart from attacks by these terrorists. The IRS is on the shut-down list and they have not printed out the tax forms for 2018 taxes yet. Are they going to set back the April 15 tax deadline?”(Editor’s note: The partial government shutdown should not affect Fort Stewart, as the Department of Defense’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget was funded by a previous appropriation, according to the installation’s public affairs office.)

“So let me get this straight, Trump said Mexico is going to pay for the wall but now he is shutting the government down because the Democrats won’t support it?  He also just said he would take responsibility for the shutdown and he is blaming Democrats.  Trump supporters, please explain this to me.”

“It’s time for him to resign and if he doesn’t resign it’s time to indict.”

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