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Sound Off Nov. 27

Republicans are now saying that Bribery, attempted Bribery, Witness intimidation, and jury tampering is OK.

Trump is on the run and cornered like a nervous rat. If you supported him in the election and still support him  just crawl out from under your log and admit that you are a racists...ADMIT IT !!!

I’m still trying to figure out why Billy Edwards got suspended for talking back to a councilwoman while our current city manager stays on the job. Is there not a moral turpitude clause in his contract? If there isn’t, there should be.  

 I have always enjoyed my job at Pre-K. I love the children and show up every day as a professional. We have a kind administrator that is wonderful to the children. But, he allows adults to dress and act as they please. One example, a para misses school and is late all of the time. So she is moved to the front office as the office para. So now the para stays on the phone, takes pictures, and posts on FB all day. She’s still late and misses school. She’s not the only one. Dr. Perry, ask to see the attendance and tardies at our school. You will be shocked!


Donald Trump is merely a man with no substance. The man only concern is himself and not you and your family! Wake-up American’s! Three years of foolishness and confusion from this Administration. No domestic policies and no foreign policies.  Nothing more than confusion from beginning to end.

Everybody wants good government but they don’t want to pay taxes for it. Especially the corporations who own our government and all those Republicans who fuss about having to pay for Democrats.  

So you wanna fire somebody for not wearing safety glasses when no work is being performed? Will see what the Labor Dept.  says about safety violations are having one man being on call attending to lift stations through the night by his self ..if he was to get hurt working by themselves nobody would be around to know ..

I know you know what captions are because some pictures have them, but what happened to the parade pictures?

Editor’s note: If you’re referring to the Veterans Day parade photos, they have captions. 

Did all you Seniors get your Walmart Capital One Card yet? For I hope all of you over 65 years old have a computer to activate your new card. For they used to activate Walmart Cards by phone. I can you remember all those pin #s they want to activate the cards? For It seems like Walmart does not want the Senior Citizens business. It seems like discrimination against us Senior Citizens. Maybe its time us Senior Citizens start boycotting Walmart and start using Kroger they still activate their cards by phone. For it also used to be you could activate your cards at the Walmart stores. But Capital One did away with this.

The University of Georgia has received a $130 million grant to develop a flu vaccine. A good flu vaccine will not require intense propaganda campaigns or coercion.

I wish that any elected official that wants to run for another elected position- give up their current one.  It is really unfair for those in the senate and the house of reps. running for president that for 2 yrs they a not fully engaged in their paid positions.

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