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Sound off
Sound off phone

“So Liberty County has sent out to all employees that because the bank is changing the way they do payroll you will work for 80 hours on the next pay period but only get paid for 56 hours. If you want to get the rest of the time you have to use leave or comp time. How illegal are you Liberty County? If an employee has to put in leave, you can’t make them work. So it looks like all of the county will be off for three days if they take leave. Seriously Liberty County, take care of your employees and stop padding your pockets.”

“Why isn’t Georgia doing a tax free weekend like South Carolina? Maybe they should realize that we all have children going to school and it would help out the regular guys not just the rich folk.”

“Can we please get residential curbside recycling services in Hinesville? Is there a plan in the works to make this happen? If not, why not?”

“The company that owned the county contract to redo Airport Road between 196 and 84 did an excellent job, timely and very good qualify. But I wonder, can anybody buy a lawnmower or weed cutter to clean up the sides. It looks really shabby.”

“City council members, Kings Road is in desperate need of sidewalks. Students have to walk in the middle of the road. We need action as soon as possible.”

“All these Sound offs against Mr. Trump, I’m beginning to suspect that you are another liberal newspaper like the Washington Post or New York Times.”

“I wonder how much Russian money is in the GOP!! Is that why they are so quiet on all the stupid things that are happening?  Maybe it is time for all incumbents to be voted out of office.”

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