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Sounding back at Sound Off
Letter to the editor


Please accept this “Sound Back” in response to the  multiple and repetitious misstatements and misunderstandings which continue to appear in the “Sound Off” section of the Coastal Courier regarding the operation of the city of Walthourville, particularly in regards to its Police Department.

The city, and myself as the mayor, are particularly proud of our police department and all that it has accomplished since I spearheaded its creation and development eight years ago.  

Throughout the years, we have steadily enhanced its service and  increased the police department’s capabilities with the purchase of equipment, funding additional training, and improved and advanced its internal operational capabilities.

Additionally, we have a fully operational municipal court and a code enforcement office. We would not have been able to do this without a close working relationship with the chief of police.

It pains me and does a disservice to the citizens of Walthourville to see an individual, with no actual knowledge of the inner workings of our city, throw inaccurate and inappropriate dispersions in anonymity against our city and its departments.

This is an insult to all of us that have worked for the last eight years to give the City of Walthourville a municipal police force to rival any comparable city in the state of Georgia.
Daisy S. Pray
Mayor of Walthourville

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