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Suspense-less thriller makes 'Top 10 Worst' list
ENT possession of hannah grace.jpg

Memo to “The Nun”: You now have some serious competition for not only the worst horror movie of the year, but also the worst film of the year period.

There are so many ways this supernatural thriller goes wrong including a paper thin plot, endless jump scares and some unintentionally funny moments that make this experience fright-free. 

It stars Shay Mitchell as an ex-cop turned morgue assistant who is in charge of handling corpses on a nightly basis, but one night a very special body arrives: Hannah Grace.

Hannah was supposedly dead after an unsuccessful exorcism and now her spirit returns to claim any and all lives in her path so she can be reborn. I just described the plot in a nutshell. 

The movie divides its time between the jump scares and some awkwardly rushed character development, but the latter scenes would work better in a different movie. In fact, they feel like they’re in a different movie.

So what went wrong this movie you may be asking? The same that possesses (pun intended) that make other horror movies fall flat: No real suspense in a creative fashion. When your movie consistently relies on jump scares, the script has pretty much exhausted any other possibilities. 

When I wasn’t bored, I was baffled. We’ve only got less than a month to go, but I think it’s safe to say that “The Possession of Hannah Grace” has earned a spot on my 10 worst list of the year.

Grade: D

(Rated R for gruesome images and terror throughout.)

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