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Nothing is prettier than communities all dressed up for the Christmas holidays.  Don’t you just love all the lights, decorations and Christmas-tree lightings?  
However, no matter how pretty the decorations are, if our community is decorated with litter and dilapidated structures, it takes away from that holiday beauty.  
This month, nominations are open for the Win-dex Awards, sponsored each quarter by Keep Liberty Beautiful and the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce. Win-dex Awards recognize attractive businesses each quarter in Liberty County.
Before you get too busy, I hope you will take a few minutes and give a special “gift” to a local business by nominating it for one of these quarterly awards, because these attractive businesses are quite a gift to us. Not only do they give us pleasure, they also help keep our local economy strong by drawing business. The businesses that make the effort to be attractive and inviting help their own success as well as the success of our community. Studies suggest that an attractive appearance increases retail sales. Which would you choose when you are shopping: a rundown, dirty unkempt store or a clean, well-maintained one? The answer for me is easy. Doesn’t it make you wonder that if their place is littered and in need of repair, their products might not be up to standard, too?
Each quarter, we select winners — businesses that keep their exterior or storefront neat and their landscape attractive no matter what the size or budget of the company. A variety of businesses have been recognized in the past six years: offices, retail stores, auto services, car dealerships, schools, churches and hotels. Any business is eligible. Nominating a local business can be your way of saying “thank you” for their efforts and “Merry Christmas” at the same time.
Here is what you should consider when nominating a business:
• Is the exterior clean and litter-free?
• Is the landscape nicely maintained?
• Is the exterior attractive and not in need of repair?
• Are the sidewalks and parking areas clean and maintained? Is this area free of cigarette butts?
• Is the entryway inviting?
• Do the efforts of this business help to improve an area in our community that would benefit from enhancement?
• Is the business a good citizen that works to keep the right of way where the business is located attractive and litter free?
• Is this business an Adopt Liberty partner?
It is all about attention to detail. Look for some worthy businesses and nominate them this month. And, yes, if the Christmas decorations are special, we also will consider that. Nominations will be accepted through Dec. 31. Nomination forms are available at the KLB office, 9397 E. Oglethorpe Highway in Midway, or at the chamber office, 425 W. Oglethorpe Highway in Hinesville. Call KLB at 880-4888 or the chamber at 368-4445, email to, or mail to P.O. Box 889, Midway, GA 31320.  
One other thing: As you shop this year, let every business you enter know how much you appreciate its attractive appearance. Sometimes, we forget what a gift a simple compliment can be. Let’s thank them for their efforts. Give a special Christmas gift this month to a local business with a Win-dex nomination!

Upcoming Keep Liberty Beautiful events:
Does your neighborhood or street need a holiday makeover? For supplies or to borrow equipment, call 880-4888 or email
Bring One for the Chipper — Dec. 26- Jan. 11. Plan now to recycle your live Christmas tree after the holidays. For information, call 880-4888 or email

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