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Thanks for helping clean up county
Thank you


Reading that the Courier is removing their mailboxes from the county, and in the process helping to clean up/beautify the city/county a big THANK YOU !! 

I realize people will be angry on this decision and can’t call Sound Off, but I have a simple solution, from now on write a letter to the Courier, but you need to man/woman up. From now on, you must put your name, address and telephone number to this letter 

Now that the Courier has done their part, elected politicians, real estate industry, your mission is simple, work with zoning and get rid of the unsightly and if out of commission satellite dishes. My bet is this won’t be accomplished, we’ll see 

 But once again, thanks, and if you have a complaint man/woman up, send a letter, with name, address, telephone number, remember to have a wonderful day!

Joe Stuart


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