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The stuff stupid dreams are made of
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Ever had a stupid dream? Perhaps the better question would be, have you ever had a dream with a logical sequence of events? I’m betting stupid wins out.
I’ve written before about my stupid dreams. There I am on a bream bed, using a bathtub for a boat and catching plastic fish. It’s hard to scale plastic fish, and then when you try to fry them ...
I’m sure Sigmund Freud addressed stupid dreams at some point. And I guess if I sprawled out on some psychiatrist’s couch and told him about my childhood and my diet, at $200 per hour he could tell me (after several weeks) why I have stupid dreams. So I’m wondering, at $200 an hour if a psychiatrist has ever hit upon the answer in just 30 minutes and gave someone a rebate. Probably not. And I don’t know if one’s childhood has anything to do with stupid dreams. I had a wonderful childhood.
Now to the point: My latest stupid dream.
I’ve been watching these survivor shows on TV just in case I get lost in a rain forest. And then the other night I dreamed I was in one of those survivor shows. So I thought to myself, what’s the big deal? Right off I found a wild doughnut vine. (They were those little powdered doughnuts.) Then I found a cheeseburger tree and a Dr. Pepper spring. Heck, there’s nothing to this survivor thing, I thought to myself.
And even though this dream was stupid, it was good stupid. What I mean is, I wasn’t eating slugs out of a dead tree. To the contrary, if this dream had gone on for much longer, I might have owned an Arby’s franchise.
In the Bible, there were those folks who would interpret dreams. And there are people today who sell those services. On the side, they may be “dog whisperers” or perhaps they write horoscopes or political speeches.
I think sometimes dreams and visions might have gotten confused or who knows, maybe they overlap. And I’m not sure where the line is between dreams and nightmares. Occasionally I will have a sure ’nuff nightmare where something is chasing me, or I’m falling from a high precipice. I’ve heard that if you dream you are falling and you actually hit bottom, that it can be fatal. I’ve never hit bottom. I always can flap my arms and fly just before I hit.
Like I said, I don’t think many dreams are plausible. They are just mixtures of magic, scary stuff, and things that are just too good to be true in real life.
I dreamed one night that a Constitutional amendment was passed that limited the terms of congressmen. And I also dreamed that I was an archaeologist, and I found an 11th Commandment. It said, “Thou shalt use a little common sense.” Maybe Moses had that one in his pocket. Now neither of these dreams are all that stupid, but they are not plausible. I think they fall into that category of “too good to be true.”
But certainly they are not nightmares. The nightmare is the reality that we don’t have term limits for congressmen, and common sense is not all that common. It certainly doesn’t grow on vines like powdered doughnuts. Or maybe that’s another dream coming up.
Tonight I would like to get back to that bream bed dream, and maybe I can pinpoint the location. With my luck, it will be a private pond with a “posted” sign.

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