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The war within our country
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith is a former chairman of the Liberty County Commission. He is also a private businessman.

Just over a year ago we were just beginning to sort out the options available for choosing our next president. There were 20 candidates offering their services. Perhaps some of them were truly interested in bettering our country.

At first it appeared that our Democrat party was prepared to anoint Hillary with the nod from their side but then an unlikely challenger by the name of Bernie Sanders came into the fray. The Democratic primary quickly settled into a two-candidate race. Many of the viewers at first seemed to think Sanders candidacy would never achieve much traction. Wow, were we all in for a surprise then yet to come.

At first it appeared virtually everybody seemed to want a shot at the presidential race within the Republican party.

All potential candidates started jockeying for campaign contributions. There followed many ads both on TV and print media as well as online and internet literally flooding our daily lives. I, for the very first time in my life, felt compelled to donate to my chosen candidate. Before it was to be over I had spent a scant two or three hundred dollars in an effort to support my favorite candidate. My financial resources are meager so I could not afford to spend more.

A few of the candidates were, young relatively speaking. However most were aging men and two females. I cannot call Hillary Clinton a lady, sorry about that. There are currently more aging Americans than perhaps there ever will be again. I say that because my generation is probably far more healthy than today’s young adults.

My daddy taught me from an early age to vote and participate in community affairs. Then in my young adulthood I fortunately became involved in a group effort to revive a local chapter of JAYCEES in Hinesville. My course was set and I continue to this day to offer my opinion on issues.

Now as I look back over time I believe our 2016 presidential election will have been the single most critical of them all, when our final history is recorded.

In eight short years of Obama our career politicians, both Democrat and Republican, sat on their hands and allowed the most corrupt community organizer perhaps ever to bankrupt our treasury and diminish our stature as the world’s only superpower.

I sincerely believe Barrack Obama is "the Manchurian Candidate."

As Obama with Biden’s help plundered our assets all over the world the obstructionists on both sides of the aisle sat smugly and sought only to, themselves, remain in office.

When Obama was sworn into office our national debt stood at an alarming figure. Obama inherited the largest debt ever before at a figure of about $9 trillion. Four years later we rewarded him with re-election and the debt had nearly doubled. Four years later at the end of Obama’s tenure he would leave office with the greatest debt load, approximately $19 trillion, ever on the shoulders of the American tax payers and the lowest credibility rating ever before in the International circles.

Then came campaign 2016. When qualifying was over and the dust settled a bit we had 20 candidates. There were two on the Democratic ticket and 18 on the Republican ticket.

On the Democrat side we had Clinton and Sanders both successful politicians.

On the Republican side we had 18 candidates and all of them but two were successful politicians.

Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump were notably successful in private enterprise.

A few years before this I had been witness to one of the greatest speeches I’d ever read or heard delivered at the National Press Corps annual prayer day breakfast. Carson delivered a fantastic speech in slightly over a half hour. I still go to my computer and watch that speech from time to time.

When campaign 2016 launched I was already committed to Dr. Carson and to this day I think he would have made the best president of them all. By the time the Carson campaign sputtered to it’s end I’d become convinced that Trump alone would become my favorite.

My reasoning was is and always will be that incumbency in elected office only serves to corrupt the office holder but it also serves to enrich them too. Our career political class (the elites) are among the most wealthy of all of our society.

Dr. Carson is a millionaire and Donald Trump is a billionaire, both attaining their status through private enterprise.

All of the other candidates are wealthy, but their wealth was acquired through abuse of the public trust while serving in elected positions.

I believe that Bernie Sanders has never had any success of any substance in the private sector. Therefore he is the least qualified to lead a nation and our Democratic friends would have delivered the nomination to him but it was stolen from him by the crooked Democratic party.

Politics are the most corrupt and outright crooked they has ever been on the national level. The only Congressman I currently trust is Sen. David Perdue. He attained huge success in private enterprise.

If this once great country is revived and saved it will be through the efforts of those in free enterprise. I became firmly convinced of this in the Hinesville Jaycees.

They taught me that economic justice can best be served by free men through free enterprise. All of our founding Fathers firmly believed this. They proved it with the War of 1812.

Political parties are the worst thing that ever happened to the United States. We need to do away with the exclusive two party primary.

Today, our country is at war within and that war is with our own elected and appointed public officials.

I am willing to listen to meaningful discussion from both sides, but any insults hurled towards Donald Trump reflect an unwillingness to respect his success in free enterprise. Both Carson and Trump achieved great success through free enterprise. That is what made us great the first time.

Oh and I think he essentially financed his own campaign.

I hope with this writing that I can inspire some meaningful discussion and thinking about just how dangerous the current state of our affairs has become.

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