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Time for merry-go-round to stop
Letter to the editor


Do we have a sit-in for Bulldog Leon inquiring about Liberty’s BoE and its really expensive wasteful wayward policies?  If so she should probably be aliased Tiffany “Go Get ’em” King (GGK) for the informative article under her byline Sunday.

As I recall, Chair Baker and members changed the contracted salary of super Lee to $16,000/month, give or take a couple of bucks, for the last three years, which officially ends June 30.  

The same members then agreed to pay super Lee the same $16,000+/- per month for the next 12 months for doing absolutely nothing.

Now GGK reports “Interim super Perry” (did they hire him or not and for how long?) takes the reins Thursday.  

Does that mean LCCS will have two supers costing taxpayers $32,000 per month starting June 1 or did perhaps super Lee decide to get out of Dodge (I mean Liberty) a month early with a couple extra thou in her already bulging bag and baggage?

Perhaps between BDL and GGK they can corner Chair Baker and the remaining members and get an interview similar to that GGK conducted with member Keel.  

If so I hope they would ask how the members can justify paying $32,000+/- per month for the position of LCCS super for the next 13 months.  

To put that in perspective the president of the United States salary is $33,333+/-a month. Taxpayers of Liberty County are paying just under that for a super.

Kinda feels like we’ve been short-changed, doesn’t it?

Should there be a policy or an addendum to members oath of office requiring them to be good stewards of taxpayer monies?

Sooner or later this merry-go-round of madness must stop.

I pray it’s sooner rather than later.

Bruce A. McCartney
Trade Hill Community

Editor’s note: The new interim superintendent’s salary has not been reported. We’ve asked and expect an answer soon.

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