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Votes really do count, use them
Letter to editor
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Editor, The city of Midway’s elections are coming. I was told by many people that their votes wouldn’t change anything, so they don’t plan going to vote. This is where our system fails.
For those who think that their votes are not important, look at these elections:
In 1839, Marcus Morton won the governorship of Massachusetts by only two votes.
Rep. Frank McCloskey, D-Ind., was re-elected in 1984 by just four votes.
Former Rep. Sam Gejdenson, D-Conn., was reelected in 1994 by a 21-vote margin.
Republican Todd Thomsen beat Democrat Darrel Nemecek by two votes for the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2006.
In 2008, incumbent Republican Mike Kelly defeated Democratic challenger Karl Kassel by one vote in Alaska’s House of Representatives 7th District.
Political signs in Midway are growing like weeds — “Vote for him,” or “Elect her” — but before you vote for a sign, learn about the candidate behind the sign. Is that person the kind of leader who you want to lead the city in the next four years, or one who will continue the city’s downward path?
There are many things wrong with the city. Some are easy to fix, but others will take foresight and strong city management to resolve. It’s your choice on Nov. 5.

— Len Calderone

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