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We have a lot of 'National" days
Dee McLelland new

We have everything from National Popcorn Day to National Ice Cream Day to National Dog Lover Day.

Who picks these? I mean the lobbyist I’m sure are behind some of the “national” days when a certain fruit or product is included, but did you also know that almost every day of every month is proclaimed more than one “national” day.

For example, the rest of May is littered with “national days. Why May 12, is National Limerick Day, National Odometer Day, National Nutty Fudge Day, National Fibromyalgia Day, National Receptionists’ Day, National Third Shift Workers Day and National Nurse Day.


That’s just May 12 folks! How the heck are we supposed to give proper respect and observance when we have so many choices to choose from. I would like the think the Third Shift Workers would get some consideration, but when you have that celebration going up against Nutty Fudge Day, it’s kind of hard to make a call.


National Limerick Day sounds like a fun thing to celebrate, but I believe you have to lean towards National Nurse Day for everything they do as well as National Receptionists’ Day for their work.


I keep coming back to Nutty Fudge Day and that’s not fair to the nurses or the receptionists.


Let’s jump to May 13. We have National Crouton Day, National Apple Pie Day and National Fruit Cocktail Day, but the real keeper is National Frog Jumping Day.


What? Who put National Apple Pie Day and National Frog Jumping Day on the same day?


I don’t know about you, but there’s no way in the world you can have National Decency Day on the same day as National Dance Like A Chicken Day. Anytime I have seen a person dance like a chicken, the word decency didn’t end up in the conversation.


Of course. there are plenty of national days that I can get behind. For example, National Peace Officers Memorial Day, National Armed Forces Day, National Emergency Services for Children Day and our National Memorial Day. Those seem worthy of a special day for sure.


But then we start with others that don’t seem to fit the mold of a “national” day.


There’s National Nylon Stocking Day, National Barbecue Day, National Mimosa Day and even National Sea Monkey Day!


How do you celebrate National Sea Monkey Day?


What’s funny to me is that I have only touched on the national days which are celebrated, maybe recognized is a better word, that happen in May. Good gosh, I have to think there are some doozies in the other months as well, but I’m not sure they can top National Yucatan Shrimp Day which falls on May 24th.

National Wine Day and National Airplane Day fall on back-to-back day, but really I would rather be able to celebrate both on the same day. Makes sense doesn’t it? Enough wine and you should be able to launch paper planes with ease.


June brings us a couple of good ones that seem to match. National Moonshine Day and National Bubba Day fall in the month although they aren’t on the same day. That seems like a natural fit, doesn’t it?

July has some really good ones that don’t even fall on July 4th. We have National Ice Cream Day, National Beans ‘N’ Franks Day, National French Fry Day, but you have to love and probably should mark your calendar for July 14 for National Nude Day.

We have a bunch of national days we can look at for the rest of 2021, but it seems we won’t run out of topics, fruits, foods or products to get national attention.

Maybe Amelia Earhart will finally show up for her national day on July 24th!

If you see me say, “Hey!”

Dee McLelland is Publisher of the Coastal Courier and Bryan County News.

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